Carry Trade just died

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  1. Look at the value of YEN! :eek:
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    Yea - here are my thoughts about it pre-NFP

    One other theme that may be starting to form in the currency market is that we may witnessing the first signs of the end of the global tightening cycle in rates. The uniform message from G10 central bankers this week was that liquidity was paramount as capital markets continued to grapple with the problems of credit. Even those central banks whose economies have performed extraordinarily well such as Australia and UK have been circumspect in their rhetoric preferring to err of the side of caution for the time being.

    It’s too early to tell whether this is simply a pause or a definitive stop in the global monetary tightening cycle. Certainly one gets the sense that most of the G10 monetary authorities would like to hike rates further especially given the double digit growth in M3 monetary aggregates in both EZ and UK. However, the policy makers remain on the defensive due to the unrest in the markets. Indeed we think they will have to no choice but to be reactive rather than proactive, as investors deal with the growing losses in the sub-prime debt market and the concomitant problems of confidence in the money markets as key participants continue to be risk averse.

    This change of tone from G10 central bankers of course may have some long term implications on the carry trade. If in the next several months the deceleration in economic activity becomes more pronounced investors behavior will tilt towards risk aversion, rather than risk taking. In that case the carry trade will lose a lot of its luster despite the very healthy rate differentials between most of the high yielders and the yen, as investor will focus on safety rather than return. Today’s NFP’s could be the moment of truth in validating or refuting the slowdown scenario. Let’s see what happens.
  3. How can it die? Did the FED cut to 0.5% so the yield differential disappeared?
  4. What, no interest differential anymore ? Ahhhhhh, help !!!!! :D
  5. Seriously. Nothing has died. So the yen fell. So what? It fell worse that this a few weeks back.
  6. Exactly..

    I'm jush cashing in. :D

    Save some money for me Ivanovich, I know're cashing in too..
  7. The other interesting aspect of this carry decline, is that in light of the dollar's heavy weakness today against the euro, pound, and especially the franc, the dollar is actually stronger against the aussie and kiwi. It's been a long time since I've seen such a decoupling like this..

    As a result, the AUD/JPY and NZD/JPY crosses were slammed the hardest, off over 2% at the lows a short while ago.
  8. By Gawd, you're right. Check out Stock Charts.
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