Carry Trade again?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by melanie911, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. forex rates seem going to pre-crash prices. any?
  2. What might you be looking at?
  4. weekly charts show it

    what's the top of the story?
  5. Not much "carry" there.
  6. Can you even fInd any carry worth while what is AUDJPY, 4.00%

  7. why not?
  8. Not enough interest rate differential. Do you know what "carry" is?
  9. Noob Forex question:

    How is an individual forex trader paid on a carry? Daily debit to the account? How does the specifics of this work?
  10. A credit (debit) to the account daily depending on the interest rate differential of the 2 currencies and the size of the position. Every firm pays a different carry rate to positive carry positions, so you should ask and choose carefully.

    However, as mentioned in this thread, most carry rates are not high enough right now justify the risk involved in holding the position (some would say they never were).
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