Carrie Prejean loses title

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  1. Good sense prevails among the Miss America executives as they strip Carrie Prejean of her title. This religious nutjob attempted to make the case that homosexuality was somehow 'immoral' and against 'family values' while preaching to millions of impressionable young girls that they should mutilate themselves in order to increase their sexual desirability. It was subsequently revealed that Prejean posed for nude photographs. It is perhaps not surprising that she couldn't figure out what would happen when she made an argument for a moral imperative against homosexuality and was subsequently revealed to be morally bankrupt when judged by the 'standards' she purported to uphold.

    It's always entertaining to see members of the religiously informed 'moral majority' outed in a sex scandal.

  2. Do you mean to say she holds the same opinion as Barak Hussein Obama? Their views on gay marriage are identical.
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  4. Since you seem to be missing the point, I'll help you out.

    Prejean said that homosexuality is immoral. She also tells 13-year old girls that they should mutilate themselves in order to make themselves sexually attractive to men. Do you see any contradiction there?

    She also posed for nude photographs. Is that what you want your daughter doing? Do you see any contradiction there?

    Does Barack Obama tell his daughters 'Marriage is between a man and a woman but if you want to get breast implants and then pose for Hustler, I'm all for it'?

    The point is not her views, it's the contradiction between her stated views and her acts, just like all those ministers who say homosexuality is immoral and then get caught in a bus station washroom sucking dick. Get it?


  5. That's too bad. Beauty Queens will b "wanting world peace" from now on.

    They reinfored the concept that having an opinion will get u much less far than nice tits

    She didn't do anything that any other model hasn't done. How can one seriously connect topless photos with gay marriage?

    They asked her OPINION and she gave it. She is not a policy maker.

    This might come back to bite the pageant.

    Much less respect for Trump for the flip-flop as well.
  6. Absolutely true. Her mistake was attempting to make the argument that she was a good representative for 'Christian values'.

    Once again, the point is not her views. The point is the glaring contradiction between her stated views and her actions, which is something we see all the time from the radical religious right. The ones who represent themselves as exemplars of Christian values turn out to be 'sinners'.
  7. She said girls should mutilate themselves?

    Cosmetic surgery is mutilation? Really?

    She posed for Hustler? What edition, I looked and can't seem to find it?

    More importantly, if she had just wished we could all get along, would she have been targeted in this way?

    Do Hef's bunnys get this?

    Oh, that's right, they didn't give their opinion on anything that matters.

  8. sheesh, indeed

    '"ministers who say homosexuality is immoral and then get caught in a bus station washroom sucking dick"

    are you suggesting that they these ministers don't believe sucking dick in bathrooms is immoral?

    for god's sakes, next post, make some god damn sense
  9. Fucking right they are, in my book.

    (By the way, typical evasion in morphing 'breast implants' into 'cosmetic surgery'. We're not talking about cosmetic surgery here, although I assume that the radical religious right considers all cosmetic surgery immoral and those who perform it unethical)

    So are you saying that those Christians who say homosexuality is immoral would also say it's okay for girls to get breast implants in order to make themselves more sexually attractive to men? Is that what you're saying? If that's what you're saying, please state it explicitly.

    If that's not what you're saying, then you admit it's contradictory to say on one hand that homosexuality is immoral and on the other hand that it's okay to tell young girls that they should seek to emulate a role model who gets breast implants to make herself more of a sexual object for men.

    Carrie Prejean is a hypocrite, plain and simple, just like every preacher who gets caught in a bus station bathroom sucking dick, which is something that seems to happen with inordinate frequency.
  10. And Barak Obama is an admitted coke user, is that what you want your daughter doing?

    His administration has blamed US drug use for violence in Mexico. This means that Obama is directly responsible for violence in Mexico because of his drug use.
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