Carp Fishing??

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  1. Any St. Lawrence River carp fishers here? I am planning a trip to Long Sault for a bit of carp action-- but haven't a clue where to fish exactly. I know this is a shot in the dark, but what the heck, you never know! surf
  2. Not a huge fisherman, but never got the idea carp was worth looking for when it comes to fishing. Plenty here in Wisconsin, and I never got the impression that they were any kind of delicacy, or worth the time specifically looking for to catch. Just curious why you decided to look for carp spots?
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    Don't they eat carp in Asia?
  4. Yea, and they eat alot of different things abroad, but that doesn't make it exotic and good. Carp probably is ok after it is cooked, but I guess I haven't heard of anyone looking for carp fishing holes. That is all I was asking. When I fish I don't care if I catch anything, I just like the solitude.
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    Eeeew! Carp is nasty. There were black guys I knew who would eat carp.
  6. Yeah, I love to fish. Carp are a huge sport fishing fish in the UK. but never caught on in the US-- but there are a few fisherman who fish for these beasts with several $million tournaments. Its a completely different style of fishing so I am psyched to do it in what's considered the mecca of U.S. carp. I leave everything I catch go-- but I do understand certain cultures do eat the things. surprisingly!
  7. Eating carp makes you produce crap.

    It's called a vowel movement. :cool:
  8. Interesting, I can't say I have heard of any carp tournies around here, and fishing is huge here. But it wouldn't surprise me that in other areas it is big. Bass, Northern are the big ones for tournies around here. Some even have found fly fishing for salmon locally which is not real aboundant in my area.
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