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  1. Has anybody used the ships satelite system to trade while on vacation ??? any feedback good or bad would be appreciated .............thanks
  2. Tums


    don't bother, the bandwidth is limited.
    it is ok to check email, but nothing more.
    if there is a conference group on the boat, forget it, everyone of them will have a notebook trying to get connected.
  3. I have been meaning to ask this question myself, so will be interested in the response.

    CC told me that the cruises are full of traders and so I will leave that comment with you FWIW.

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    When you come to one port of call you could jump off and place an order to BUY.

    And then when you came to the next port of call you could jump off and place an order to SELL.

    Just keep this jumping 'on and off' bit going until you come to the end of your cruise and your compulsion to trade should have been satisfied.

    Trade well BEFORE you take your cruise so you are not desparetly trying to pay for it while you are on the boat.

    You are on VACATION ! ! !
  5. syspool


    I was on the Queen Mary 2 in the Mediterranean for 12 days and connection was ok. I even used my Tradestation, which needs a lot of power, watching about 200 stocks realtime. A bit slow but ok.

    Swingtrading with 60 min. data I logged in 2 or 3 times during market hours for about 20 to 30 minutes each time primarily watching a limited number of about 20 stocks, mainly smoothly moving ones plus EFTs like DIA, SPY. Didn't trade the wild ones while at sea.

    Beeing online is pretty costly though. 50 cts. per minute, whereby one can buy a number of hours in advance to reduce the minute price.

    Good sailing