Carney blames Bush for IRS targetting conservatives.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., May 10, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    The screws are quickly becoming unravelled with these clowns,

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  2. pspr


    Carney was lying though his teeth this afternoon. And, the reporters didn't even call him on most of his blatant lies.

    He repeated two or three time that Obama called it a terrorist attack during his speech in the Rose Garden. We all know that is a fabrication because that is what Crowley got in trouble for supporting Ovomit on during the debate.

    He never said the Benghazi attack was terrorism or terrorists.
  3. Lucrum


    Carney blames Bush for IRS targetting conservatives.


    Why would Bush do that?

  4. wow.....I hope this continues to the point they can't even operate, and they wind up like the Nixon administration. Pack of liars.
  5. jem


    carney is lying his ass off day after day.

    24 hours before 12 rewrites of Susan Rices talking points comes out he says not substantive changes were made.

    he is the iraqi minister of info... saeed al sahaf... 20 years later.

    what a disgusting evolution for our govt.
  6. pspr


    We can only hope this pack of lying, traitors gets taken down.
  7. jem


    they are now calling carney baghdad bob on the news shows
  8. pspr


    Liberals calling one of their own Baghdad Bob? Will wonders never cease?
  9. wjk


    Dems in power and the MSM members have some common traits. They are extremely loyal to their ideology and related agendas. They also exist without shame or ethics, which is quite convenient when pursuing their goals through any and all means. "The ends justify the means."

    The MSM and the Dems just happen to have the same agendas. What a fucking suprise we get such non-reporting.