Carlyle group: the bbc report that will shock you

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  1. When it is an investor from Texas you can't know in advance. But when it is BCCI you know in advance. And when the same persons from BCCI are now in Karlyle group well it's just a new mascarade except this time they will be much more careful than with BCCI. BCCI inquiry by the FBI was very long because Bush didn't want any investigation. But a congressman pressure made it finally possible. Then officially BCCI was closed. But in another financial story they go on in a Luxembourg palace and the Prime minister of Luxembourg authorized it. In fact he said BCCI was the premier tax payer so... (this prime minister of Luxembourg had been also President of Europe and great promoter of the euro. After a big financial scandal he had to be sacked from the Europe presidency and he can be found now with two associates who has international arrest inquiry for their connection with terrorism and financial scandals)

    Karlyle group now exists so BCCI doesn't have to exist any more. And Karlyle group is now in administration boards of some major medias like CBS in US (I must check the exact %) and Figaro in France. They clearly have the intention to control the medias more accuratly since it is of course because of medias than the scandal of BCCI was so well known (after the Wall Street Journal revelation Ben Laden family had to officially retire from Karlyle, of course since they were major stock holders...).

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  2. December 31 of year 2001 I read this astonishing news on stockpoint: I said to myself: what a crazy woman, she must belong to plot theories, well now it was not so ridiculous !

    "The terrorist war will take a dramatic turn as classified information
    is brought to light implicating governmental policies and the chemical
    and military industries as supporting not only terrorists but world
    conflicts. This information will not come as a surprise to national
    leaders, but will enlighten the general public." - SONI NELSON -
    WASHINGTON, Dec 31, 2001 (United Press International via COMTEX) -
    Predictions for 2002: A healer's view -
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  3. Trajan


    Then you would not exclude anything from this section? Conspiracy theories belong in chit chat. Here is a book you might be interested in:

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  4. I already answered. We are in war crisis do you know that ? I already posted in chit chat. If I post here it is because it impacts trading, long term trading ok ? If you're annoyed just don't read it !

    And if Wall Street Journal or BBC belong to conspiracy well what a news hahaha ! Do you realise that when you say that it is conspiracy you just say: "it is not true because ... it is not true" a pure tautology. You don't have any arguments against FACTS exposed by those two medias and congress reports (apart from journalists interpretations). If you don't even trust congress reports well it IS YOU THAT LIVE IN CONSPIRACY do you realise that ?

    You're like the dumb money when they buy at the highest level: you don't want to see reality, you want to leave in a dream. It is because of that that we have to live in a risky world because some of you don't want to awake. And like Pharaon you want to kill the person who shows you the facts not the facts itself : human psychology has always been the same.

    "when one's eyes are sore, it is painful to look at the light an it is comfortable to look into the darkness even though one can't see very much.... Now, as I have said, it is difficult for people to learn. But it is even more difficult for people to change their beliefs, especially when they have been hearing nonsense for a long time.... It is not easy to alter their opinions, regardless of how many arguments you have to prove their error."

    Dio Chrysostom

    (Greek philosopher AD40 - AD112)

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