Carlyle group: the bbc report that will shock you

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  1. Oh yeah , they give the stocks they hold to the poors
    Carlyle is in defense area and makes huge benefits ... especially since September : this is just a coïncidence of course :)

    Did they retire like BCCI, the terrorist bank in which ben laden family and the same people who adminsiter it retire: they go to ... Carlyle huh !

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  2. Shouldn't this be in the Chit Chat forum?

    Similiar arguments are being waged in this thread:

    Please join us all on the Brotherhood to Baghdad tour, where we, joined by Saddam, shall stand in a circle and sing "Kumbayah." All the world's woes will thus be cured.
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  3. Yes extremely. In fact I never saw it before yesterday.
    I heard about the Ben Laden-Bush family before but thought it was just old story (although when you learn the details this begin to be also astonishing ). It is not old story at all because Carlyle group is very present. As I told in another post, they took control of one of the TWO MOST IMPORTANT NATIONAL NEWSPAPER IN FRANCE by controlling more than 50% of the media group. Strange this happened AFTER this newspaper revealed that Ben Laden had been seen with a CIA agent in an hospital. Can you imagine that your MOST IMPORTANT MEDIA been given to a foreign group since it is a strategic area for national security ?!!! So there must be some complicities between US government and french government or Carlyle must be very influent on some governement peoples at the highest level.

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  4. It is an investment suggestion in Carlyle group so it concerns trading

    How much would you invest in Carlyle ? They are making huge profits in defense area. But before know the firm :D

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  5. Yeah of course. And BBC paid the US intelligency agents that were interviewed :) for a report that is only broadcasted ... at night and seen by a few.

    OK if you don't like BBC, you have the Wall Street journal of 27th september on Carlyle, you have congress reports on BCCI (when BCCI closed the same people from BCCI go to Carlyle) etc. I didn't read the article entirely but as far as I read I learned things I didn't know.

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  8. It is not a secret firm (although they closed their website a few weeks after Wall Street Journal's revelation :) ). They become more and more famous. They even intend to go public. When they will go public they will gain a honorability status and so they will be untouchable. If you try to hide something in fact it becomes even more suspicious. So you'd better show something.

    Many french can now hear the name of Carlyle group on medias everyday since they now control more than 50% of one of the press group that owns one of the 2 most important newspaper in france. But never they will be told the story behind Carlyle: the BCCI connection. So it is not a surprise to see in this newspaper an entire page of advertisment just for ... glorifying the King of Arabia ! Imagine Bush paying an advertisment just saying: I'm smart in an Arabien newspaper !

    Nothing is really secret today IF YOU WANT TO. For example there is a government report that shows army experimented chemicals weapons on his own soldiers during the Bosny war: you have to buy 100$ to get it and you have to know where to get it. I saw it on an army association of us soldiers victims of those experiments. So as long as the information never reaches the mass media and so the great public, it is not important than only a few knows.

    Today there is censorship sometimes but rather rarely or you can't know it. There is difficulty to have access to some information for example you must pay or it is broadcasted at hours when you are sleeping, and above all you are submerged with the same information but from diverse medias that just copy and paste the news and changing the style. You have the impression of plurality but it is the same story form the same source for example Reuters or other press agency.

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  9. No for long term trading this is fundamental knowledge : if you don't know who has any advantages to make wars how can you invest your money huh ?

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  10. It's funny...

    Let's say you have a good performing hedge fund. An Investor in Texas wants to invest in your fund and he's very rich and legitimate.

    10 years later, the news tells you that he's an Al-Qaida member. FBI comes to you, you're in the news...

    Hey, I was just trading his account...
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