Carlyle group: the bbc report that will shock you

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  1. Thanks for that link harrytrader... the report is extremely disturbing...
  2. been there, done that. this is recycled smear. and the bbc isn't exactly a sterling source of objective reporting.
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  4. Like everyone else in the United States, the group stood transfixed as the events of September 11 unfolded.Present were former secretary of defense Frank Carlucci, former secretary of state James Baker III, and representatives of the bin Laden family. This was not some underground presidential bunker or Central Intelligence Agency interrogation room. It was the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., the plush setting for the annual investor conference of one of the most powerful, well-connected, and secretive companies in the world: the Carlyle Group. And since September 11, this little-known company has become unexpectedly important.
    . Among those associated with Carlyle are former U.S. president George Bush Sr., former U.K. prime minister John Major, and former president of the Philippines Fidel Ramos. And Carlyle has counted George Soros, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin Laden's estranged family among its high-profile clientele.
    Carlyle has established itself as the gatekeeper between private business interests and U.S. defense spending. And as the Carlyle investors watched the World Trade towers go down, the group's prospects went up.
    Perhaps even more disconcerting than Carlyle's ties to the Pentagon are its connections within the White House itself. Aside from signing up George Bush Sr. shortly after his presidential term ended, Carlyle gave George W. Bush a job on the board of Texas-based airline food caterer Caterair International back in 1991. Since Bush the younger took office this year, a number of events have raised eyebrows.

    But the money flowing out of Saudi Arabia and into the Carlyle Group is of even more interest. Immediately after the September 11 attacks, reports surfaced of Carlyle's involvement with the Saudi Binladin Group, the $5 billion construction business run by Osama's half-brother Bakr

    No one knows that better than the Carlyle Group, which less than a month after U.S. troops began bombing Afghanistan filed to take public its crown jewel of defense, United Defense, a company it has owned for nearly a decade. That this company is even able to go public is testament to the Carlyle Group's pull in Washington.

    BinLadin is free? yes sir George!!!!!! we don't kill business partners
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    old news. The bin Laden family withdrew from the Carlyle's venture cap funds after Sep 11th.

  6. Uhm..yeah.....the BBC is no Fox News!.

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    hehehehe :D :D

    Fox and News shouldn't really be uttered in the same breath. What a lame POS.

  8. harry... you're acting like a Fox Network TV program...

    Shock you this... shock you that...

    You're like a shock news-reporter...
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    You have to kick back and enjoy life a bit bro. Yes, there's a tendency for one to play Atlas but we all do the best we can, right? Treat everyone you encounter with respect and humility, and the world will be a better place. You will be amazed at the influence you can exert on a day-to-day basis. Go to a mosque and ask for a tour. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Tutor a child. I know - I wish I could control the world and prevent a few crazies from destroying what we have on this beautiful earth. But can you look back on your life and say that you've appreciated all the years thus far that you've spent here? If so, you're in great shape. You won't fear the end. My brother lost two of his best friends in the WTC attack, and we talked about that. I asked my brother what he would have done if he were on the 105th floor of Cantor, and he said "It's a beautiful fucking day, but today is my time to go. No regrets." Best wishes pal.

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