Carlyle Capital Nears Collapse

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This is were the Bush Family works.
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  2. Quick Ben slide em some cash under the table just 20B. Bushy boy is gonna be mad he has no place to go work at with pappa.
  3. Now this is what happens when you borrow to much money Landis. Debt is not good, debt is badddddddd.

    Work hard stay out of debt save and invest wisely! You will prosper beyond your wildest dreams.
  4. It's called LEVERAGE.

    Investment Funds like Carlyle Capital were leveraged 33:1 invested in Triple AAA mortgage-backed securities backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It's not debt as you understand it in your oh-so-simplistic view of economics and how the financial markets work.

    It's no different than purchasing crude oil contracts or corn contracts on margin.

    But of course, you didn't know that.
  5. Landis, you don't understand economy at all.
    Rate cuts destroy economy. And moral hazard is devastating
    current oil surge will wipe out at least 200 bln $ and more if oil continues to rise
    It's $50 bln$ higher than proposed economy stimulus.
    Nobody wants our dollars. Doesn't matter if credit is available - if it's in dollars noone will want it

    And why Bernanke destroys US economy? Just to save his friends at Goldman
  6. Just put him on ignore, he is so confused. He is a fed spokes person indeed.

    His answer is more debt more credit. Just what the fed likes since they can create money out of thin air and charge interest.
  7. Obviously. And just as obviously, they didn't manage it very well, did they? I suppose it must be a bit embarrassing to take a gluttonous flyer and end up with such a public wedgie.
  8. Coming from someone that asked the question about whether or not the FED could put a "price-cap" on crude oil . . . that's pretty rich.

    If anyone is confused, it is you.
    Or were you not the person that said that the "banks have no money" only to then post the very next day that "they still are making loans"?

  9. And now we need 535 morons in Congress to figure out that there is a problem with these "under the desk" OTC securities that are UN-REGULATED and leveraged 33:1

  10. markets only down a little. No one cares that much.
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