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    "A company that went from not being in the top 25 innovators in the world, to leaping up to number three," Fiorina says. "A company that was profitable in every business line. A company who's brand had gone from stodgy, white man, honestly – that's what the research said – to leading edge, relevant. This was a company transformed, from a laggard to a leader."

    Is there any wonder why HP threw the Bitch Out?

    99% of HP's success over the years was due entirely to "stodgy, white men".

    Sorry fellas, women are beginning to systematically castatrate us men ... perhaps one day we too will have to resort to the legal system and become a "protected class"

    Frankly, that's why I started trading, and hope to one day do it fulltime. Corporate armerica is being over-run by pussy, turning virtually everything into women's work ...
  2. Thats a, um...mouth full.

  3. I think you have a point. It's no wonder al qaeda thinks we are weak. They look at us and see a society run by women, increasingly feminized, with strong men marginalized or forced out for lack of "sensitivity". Look at H-P. CEO, Chairman of Board and General Counsel, all women. All forced out for poor decision making.

    I notice that every TV commercial that has a workplace theme invariably involves women in charge and the men are emasculated wimps. Or if there is a male boss, he is an idiot and a jerk. Fathers are objects of ridicule, hopelessly out of it and unable to deal with modern life.

    Let's face it. Nature intended for men to lead, and women to follow. Things work better that way.
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    I guess you have never worked for HP.

    I have.

    I guess you have never read anything by Dave Packard, nor have visited the research labs.

    (This will be my last post on this thread.)
  5. If you are saying that HP was founded by brilliant white guys who were outstanding innovators, I think that was his point.
  6. The women in my family love to brag about how strong they are until I tell them to shut the fuck up. Seriously though, I have seen my married brothers turn into vaginas -- absolutely deballed and depantsed in the space of several years.