Carlos Slim... "We're not buying equities yet.."

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gnome, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. "... will increase equity exposure over next 2 years...." October 30, 2008

    If that view is correct, he'll BLOW by Buffy as world's richest..
  2. Those mexican and Brazil stocks rebound like a mofo. He'll be the richest again in no time. Bill Gates's wealth has been the same for a decade. Buffett is stuck at 40 billion. Carlos Slim's gains are like that of a penny stock but 60 billion worth.
  3. i dont beleive any of these crooks
    Like last time George soros said he had a big position in LEH
    He looked like a smart person but he fucked up
    and a lot of people follow these kind of people i dont beleive in any of them ( shit )
  4. key word, a posiiton, george soros realized that if lehman were to be bailed out than it would have rocketed up massivly, but it didn't and he was wrong he lost but he didnt bet his whole net worth on that trade like some "investors" do when they start off... i bet it was less than a .5% of his money, a couple million maybe...