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  1. As a Canadian, I am not too familiar with the ECN cost structure at day-trading firms in the States. When you go to one of these firms to trade with your own $$, what kind of fees/commission do you pay. Can you bid/offer and earn ECN credits, or are you just paying all retail?
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    Please rjontrades, I hope you are not serious. You sign up on Nov 26 and not that long after start this thread, seanp88 signs up on Dec 1 and gives a ringing endorsement of Carlin. It's not animosity, it's very healthy skepticism by longterm ET members who have seen this time and time again. This is not to say your posts aren't completely legitimate, but please don't be shocked by skepticism directed at brand new members starting threads on specific prop firms while other new members endorse the same firm.
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  3. And don't forget that Rule36 joins Dec 28 and offers high praise for the company.
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  4. You guys are right. We devised the whole scheme to shamelessly promote our firm. It is amazing how quick everyone picked up on it. Sorry about that, and happy posting...
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    This will be the last time I sit here and defend myself. I am a simple prop trader at my firm and get no reward for promoting my firm. Second the guy asked a question about carlin trader which is a proprietary system for generic, however other systems are available at generic. So if he would have said how is redi plus, I would not have answered his question. He asked about carlin trader and that is what I use so I was able to give my honest opinion. If you noticed he mentioned several other things that I didnt comment on.
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  6. whew, thank goodness we have all that str8ened out. Now can we get back to discussing the very important matter was the question again?
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  7. There really isn't too much info on Carlin on the Elitetrader site -- I did a search and was able to find very little. Also, Carlin/Generic does not have any reviews in the Broker section of the site.

    If anyone has had any positive or negative experiences with this firm I would like to hear them via PM.


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