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  1. I guess I'm looking for a more detailed, credible response.

    What other system did you use?, by specific name, not reference?

    Which other firm was it at?, since you're in such praise of Carlin, perhaps others have used this other system and might be inclined to change or otherwise take a look at it. But, as long as your reply is as simple as it was, its lacks any substance, content or otherwise meaningful significance.
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  2. seanp88


    I really dont feel its fair to post any other firms sytems on here, it is a proprietary system for my old firm. They are good guys and gave me a start, just wasnt for me, and execution system was very elementary and to many problems. Carlin on the other hand is very trustworthy, IMHO. Like I said I havent used redi plus, or redi classic but many guys in my office still use it. Most of them are looking to change over to carlin. I may be biased because I trade groups, and carlin allows me to trade group orders. Also unless I personally bring in a trader, then I get no benefit from promoting my firm. Not to mention the branch I am in has more of a problem with room to put new traders, rather than trying to fill seats. It gives me no pleasure to say this, just stating the facts.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. Do you know if you are able to hide size on ecn's? i.e. show 200 shares on level 2 but order is for 1000 shares. And does it have depth of book for all the ecn's with the ability to put orders on each? If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it.
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  4. solid


    i've used both and carlin trader goes down less. they have the open book and a demo. u have the option to hold orders at the server, but i never used that option. i was paying .0075 and no other fees.
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  5. jem


    I believe shill trader from shill trading is still considered the best platform broker and pricing. And they having trailing stops that do not allow themselves to be elected unless you would lose money on the trade anyway.
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  6. why is there such animosity? I just don't get it.
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    not familar with shill, like I said I am not that experieced with all the different platforms. Oh one other thing I forgot to mention about carlin, not sure if this is becoming a standard or not, but stop orders are held on the server untill the price you specify is hit. This helps more so on NYSE were they specialist can see your stops.
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  8. I understand that ShillTrader has a feature whereby you can post more ssize on an ecn than you're willing to take and it somehow kills the order if you're hit? Just one more example of Shill going the extra mile for its traders.
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  9. hey, just wanted to let you know they are kidding about "shill trading." it is a made up firm.
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  10. Rule36


    I visited their office in the Radio City building.
    I was very impressed.
    Good deal also.
    Narrowed down my choices to Generic and 1 other.

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