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  1. Anybody have any insight on Generic Trading's "Carlin Trader"? or Lava for that matter? Thinking about using them, and deciding between those and Redi. I hate Redi, but I want to make sure these are good systems first.
  2. is there an online demo or access to their software in demo mode from their website?

    also, what rates are they quoting?

    current competitive rates are:

    $.004 per share (1mill per month or more NYSE only)

    possibly with/without ECN charges (just use ISLD for everything and have no ECN fees)

    $250 or less per month software / desk fees (possibly rebated for high volume months)
  3. rates about .007 all inclusive of ecn's and no desk fee. I am looking for info on features, reliability, ease of use, etc., particularly for Nasdaq traders. I do not think there is a demo available unfortunately, at least not that I have seen.

  4. Can you explain why if you use ISLD for everything you won't have ECN fees?

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  5. Where are these current competitive rates?!!
    I know even Assent (the low bid hitter) don't do that.

  6. wow,

    is this one of those reverse advertising methods of getting the Carlin name back into the game?

    hey, you sure got me on that one....

    next thing I know, I'm saying names and naming prices and deals and getting banned....

    wow, almost fell for that one
  7. seriously just looking for feedback on system... couldn't care less about rates... but i guess no one has anything to say about this system
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    I have only used two systems but carlin is by far the best, that I have seen I have used it for the past six months and it has only went down once. That is more than I can say for most other systems. Also has nice flexibility. Only thing that it doesnt have is trailing stops.
  9. another so called expert trader gives top dog award to Carlin

    < I have only used two systems but carlin is by far the best, >

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    you sound pretty bitter, and why does the number of posts I have made on this site matter. I gave my opinion on a trading system that I have used everyday for the last six months. The system I used prior to this was either very poor or carlin is head and heals above what I used to use. Finally I guess since you have over 1000 posts and you are an elite member I guess that makes you an expert trader.
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