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    Anybody have any information about them. Who are they.
  2. it is generic trading. Samething. IN manhattan office, they don't need money contribution. You can apply. Not a bad company. Good luck. (I remember that I have showed the advertisement before, right?)
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    you did. you have been alot of help. just want to see if anybody else knows some info about them
  4. I heard the "Risk Manager" in their Vegas office blew out at Bright.
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    RE> I heard the "Risk Manager" in their Vegas office blew out at Bright.

    Are you saying a "former" Risk Manager quit Carlen, then went to trade at Bright in Las Vegas and blew up their? Your comment was a little ambigous? Or are you talking about the "risk manager" at Bright?

    If your talking about Bright I would be very interested in your clarification as I have a very good friend who just started trading wouldn't be good if their "own" risk manager blew up!

    Don ....if your around can you clarify this?

    Good trading all....

  6. I know the lady pictured on their website is a dream come true.
  7. This is a little "sticky" -- Our friends have a handful of our ex traders in their office. Financial concerns generally precede departure from our firm. As to their "official" status at their new firm, I really can't comment.Risk is always a concern with any firm your friend may be working with. I feel that Generic is a reputable place to trade ( a bit "pricey" maybe, but good solid management).

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    I think that they were referring to the "Carlin Group" not Generic....anyway I think I just figured out what "thetrader" was talking problem if you do not feel comfortable disclosing all the particulars....btw....heard from my friend, (who just started with you their in Vegas) that he is excited and enjoying trading at the "main" office and he even was net $50.00 positive his very first day trading...just don't ask him how that

    Take care Don...

  9. Generic = Carlin (retail side). ProActive Trading in Vegas = Generic/Great Eastern.

    It seems we need a scorecard just to keep track of all these guys...:).

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    mrktwiz ignorance is showing.....

    thanks for the clarification Don.

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