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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by alextn, Nov 7, 2003.

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    I have recently applied to a firm called Carlin Financial Group. I am interviewing with this firm and my position is an proprietary equity trader. Has anyone ever heard of Carlin FInancial? Or Generic Trading of Philadelphia? Carlin claims it is number one in the US in proprietary trading, jsut wondering if it's true and what the pros think of prop trading. I don't have to put any money up front and I keep 65% until I become senior trader, where I keep 85-90%. Any recommendations into becoming a prop trader?
  2. do a search here on elite .... I am sure there has been some discussion of the firm in the past yr or two

    good luck
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    I forgot to mention
    I'm gonna be interviewing in the 11 wall st. office.
    Anyone ever worked there or had experience there with the people or the managers of the firm?
  4. Sounds like a good deal for not having to put up any cake. Is generic/carlin one firm now? or are these offices franchises? Does Ronnie Shear still run Generic?
  5. carlin is a good company and you only need a 7 to trade there which is a plus. i don't no if your payout is that great. it depends on your trading style and commissions to comment on that deal. my feeling is if they are going to teach you and spend time with you it might be worth it. a new trader won't make money in this business and if you go in knowing that your one step ahead of the game. so don't worry about rates make sure its a place you feel you can learn and enjoy yourself.
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    hi guys..
    thanks for all your help.
    generic and carlin are merged now
    carlin bought them out i believe.

    i read somewhere that my 7 only lasts for 2 years... anyone know if this is true? does this mean i have to retake the test? I haved looked around for other posts about generic/carlin but none have come up that are within the last year.

    thanks for the help guyz...
  7. Find out what your commission costs are first. But not having to put up capital is a huge plus!
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    It expires 2 years after you leave the securities industry.
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    oh thanks axehawk.
    so basically
    if i stay in prop tradin forever...
    my S7 last forever?

    does anyone know why other companies need to take S63, etc?
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    by commissions do you mean like tradin costs?
    it is $2 for the original trade and 2 cents per share tho
    which is kinda expensive, but i guess it's because I will have a mentor which is good.
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