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    Anybody Know anything about a Prop Firm named Carlin Financial Group??? friend of mine recently had an interview there, and is contemplating working there... however he heard some things through word of mouth that dont sit well with him... just wanted to dblcheck with y'all usually you all have some good advice/info... thanks in advance...
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    I just joined this site and saw your post about Carlin / Generic Trading. I have an interview with the manager tomorrow in there new Deerfield Beach office. I will let you now any info I can. I am looking to be a prop trader for them. If any one has info on them please let me know. Anything will help, thanks.
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    Well I had my Interview with the Generic Trading manager I feel it went well. The office was awesome overlooking Deerfield Beach to bad it wasn’t warmer the guys there say it is an awesome view. They are set up there with two flat panel monitors per station and everything you need including veteran traders that were more than eager to help. The deal seemed very reasonable next to the deals I had from Schonfel and Worldco. I’m used to the small payouts I had over the past six years with Hedge funds. I can’t get over the office it blew away anything I had expected. Everybody seemed so understanding to the different trading styles and were helpful and shared new ideas. They have this new software that would accommodate higher volume traders called Carlin Software. It was better then the Lava program I used while I was at the desk of the billon dollar Hedge fund. All and all I hope I get the position I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all the help.
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    Well, I guess a better way to put my question would be: Does anybody have general guidelines of what a initial trading deal should look like, what would be fair? Assuming no money down, what type of fees and per share rates would be in the range of fair to us newbies.

    My understanding of ETG and Generic contracts are three years non-compete and 25K if you leave for any reason. Do many firms have these same conditions?

    How does 2c/share, 4$ Symbol fee/day, 6c/share 200 share min for bullets sound? No other charges. Things seem to be getting very complicated...
  5. will you be trading as a prop?, employee trader?, or customer (high ticket/volume)?

    will your account be considered a sub-LLC in their Omnibus account?

    will your account have your name on it?

    will your money that you post be insured, covered or be considered as their Asset, subject to their general obligations, hence, at risk?

    what will your trading power be?, and can you get better elsewheres?

    are you going their to that office for the convenience of that location?

    are their competing locations in your locale?

    Just some questions to answer
  6. i'll be the first of a long line of people that will post to tell you how terrible that deal is. the way people on here talk, they think anything worse than .8/share, 90% payout, and 2 cent bullets, is criminal. Nobody charges ticket costs (per stock) anymore. my payout is less than that (because i put no money down), but the rest is about right.
  7. This "deal" does not give you a chance.
    Do not rush, read some more and shop around.

    Good luck.
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    Very good questions LD. Which is the company of your choice?

  9. Anyone trade on their new software yet ???
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