Carl Ichan is a Senile Penile

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  1. I found this quite disturbing and amusing at the same time, enjoy.

    Carl Icahn Says Obama Would Be a `Terrible' President for U.S.

    By Michael McKee

    May 22 (Bloomberg) -- Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Barack Obama would be a ``terrible'' U.S. president whose election would bring higher interest rates and a loss of international confidence in the dollar.

    Really Carl? Explain to us how the current low rates are causing breakneck growth. Last I checked, there isn't any international confidence in the dollar. If anything, the low rates you speak of are destabilizing the dollar Carl

    ``I don't normally get involved in politics, but this time I am,'' Icahn told an investors conference in New York last night. ``I don't think Obama really understands economics.''

    Explain your concept of economics Carl, especially how low rates will improve the international confidence in the dollar, and battle inflation. Textbook economics, Carl, don't work in this situation.

    The Illinois senator is the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Obama has 1,962 delegates, according to an Associated Press tally, putting him 64 delegates shy of the 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination.

    ``I personally think he would be a terrible president,'' Icahn, 72, said. Obama would probably go on a ``huge spending spree'' that ``the country can't afford right now.''

    Carl, did you stop taking your meds? WTF are you talking about, nobody could outspend George and Dick, this country couldn't afford these idiots when we started 7 years ago, they have done nothing but royally fuck us all up. To top it off, they decided to give back money twice, in the form of tax rebates. Explain how we can afford this feat of conservatism?

    Coupled with the higher tax rates that the Illinois senator has already endorsed, ``you would have a loss of confidence in the dollar,'' leading to accelerating inflation and ``much higher interest rates,'' Icahn said. His comments, and remarks by other presenters at the conference, were embargoed by the organizers until this morning.

    Didn't we do battle with inflation last time "with much higher interest rates"? I suppose Volcker is an idiot to you Carl?

    Even worse, Icahn said, would be a Democratic president with a veto-proof supermajority of 60 Democrats elected to the Senate.

    ``It would be devastating,'' he said. ``Then you couldn't stop runaway legislation.''

    Earlier this year, Icahn donated the maximum $2,300 to the presidential campaign of Republican Rudy Giuliani, according to the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics. Giuliani has dropped out of the race. He has also given to Democrats, including New Hampshire Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen.

    Obama does have support in the investment community. Among those who have donated to his campaign are billionaires Kenneth C. Griffin of Citadel Investment Group in Chicago, and George Soros of Soros Fund Management, according to the center.

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    Carl, Ken Griffin and George Soros must not know shit about economics and finance, they gave to Obama! They must just be making random guesses and getting lucky, making all that money. Tell us what you have done lately, Carl. Have you made any profits recently? All the shit you own seems to be under water and only getting worse. Won't your friends George and Dick help you out? Maybe if rates would just go to zero, maybe then you might get back to even ya bagholder!
  2. Truth hurts, huh?
  3. Just speaks volumes on the type of people supporting Obama. It aint pretty.
  4. Lucrum


    And he's absolutely G D right!
  5. Don't forget, Icahn originally backed Rudy for president. Very bad decision. He has not shown the best political judgment. Maybe he should stick to what he knows and stay out of politics. Also, besides Griffin and Soros, Obama has been backed by Paul Tudor Jones and Warren Buffett. They too don't know much about economics and finance either I suppose. Obama is definitely a little too liberal for me on taxes and social issues but then again John McCain says he needs to read Greenspan's book to in order to learn about economic issues. Which is worse?
  6. Is Ichan Jewish? It seems most Jewish leaders are against Obama.
  7. This is someone who understands economics.

    Pimco's Gross: Inflation Threat Is Being Underplayed
    Topics:Treasuries | The Bond Report | Economy (U.S.) | Economy (Global) | Inflation | Subprime Lending | Mortgages | Housing | Real EstateBy Reuters | 22 May 2008 | 11:33 AM ET Font size: Americans are fooling themselves if they think U.S. inflation is under control, the manager of the world's largest bond fund said.
    Bill Gross

    Bill Gross, chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co (PIMCO) said in his June investment outlook that he has been arguing for some time that inflation statistics "were not reflecting reality at the checkout counter."

    He said statistical practices in calculating price growth had favored lower U.S. inflation over the last 25 years and called for change.

    "Today's world, including its inflation rate, is changing. Being fooled some of the time is no sin, but being fooled all of the time is intolerable," Gross said.

    "Join me in lobbying for change in U.S. leadership, the attitude of its citizenry, and (to the point of this Outlook) the market's assumption of low relative U.S. inflation in comparison to our global competitors."

    The comments from Gross come a day after the Federal Reserve slashed its 2008 U.S. economic growth forecast but also signaled that mounting concerns over inflation would make further interest rate cuts unlikely.

    High Food Prices Likely to Continue For a Decade
    Fed Signals Pause in Rate Cuts
    Fed's Kroszner: Mortgage Market to Recover Slowly
    Oil's Surge Hurts Outlook For Stocks and Economy

    Gross said that developing economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China were obvious choices for investment dollars.

    U.S. Treasury bonds were not favored investments due to negative real yields, Gross said.

    He added that Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) were difficult to value because of the "artificially low inflation number" arising from statistical quirks.

  8. Yes.
  9. Limo liberals backing Obama-- real shocking. Go ahead Osama, raise tax rates. Doesn't affect Buffett or Gross, their reported salaries are less than their cleaning people. Bill Gross & Buffet and the like live off of interest and capital gains-- therefore they are immune to tax hikes. And even the most socialist liberals, BHO & Hillary wouldn't advocate raising the capital gains tax and tax on interest, as it would collapse capital markets.

    So you're fooling yourself if you think financial bigwigs have your best interest in mind. $75K/year is now upper class!
  10. Regardless of what he's doing now, you should know who he is:

    He's one of Michael Milken's old proteges, up there with Posner and other corporate raiders. He's an absolute scumbag and deserves no reverence of any kind. His slash and burn techniques have destroyed many American institutions and he won't stop until he drops.
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