Carjacking in Detroit

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  1. Lucrum


    They don't call it the motor city for nothing.

    At least the perpetrator is dead.
  2. Wallet


    The victim of the car jacking better hope the autopsy shows the suspect died from the car crash, once the victim fled in his car he was no longer a threat, and the use of deadly force not an option. Unless of course he was trying to hit him with the car.... but by the statements from the witnesses that does not seem to be the case.

    Your life, or the person life who's shoes your are stepping into, must be in jeopardy when pulling the trigger, to legally justify that action.
  3. While the shooter probably gets off and I hope he does in my concealed carry class we were taught not to shoot in a situation like that.Once the robber has robbed you and is running or driving away you are not supposed to shoot

    I dont like how the news channel referred to the car jacker as the victim
  4. Lucrum


    I hear ya, useless stupid human garbage piece of shit would have been more accurate and appropriate.
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    Your class was cancelled?
    Was it subliminal training or some kind of ESP? :D
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    Nice shot!

    Gotta admire when somebody makes a shot like that with a pistol.

    I've got a decoration for expert marksmanship with an M-16 but other than my Model-41 target pistol I can't hit shit with a handgun. I suck so bad that I usually just load .38 special in my .357 so that I have a chance of hitting something. With .357 magnum shells in it I might as well just throw the gun at them.

    18 years old. Not enough time to develop some sense. He just ran into the wrong dude.
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    AK has no business carrying a concealed weapon. Besides, they don't let liberals, retards or felons have those permits anyway, do they?
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    Apparently they do in his state.
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    Must be the State of Chaos.
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