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  1. Does anyone have any color on what Cargill is looking for in trader trainees?

    Same numerical stuff as elsewhere?
  2. depends where you apply at. Had a friend of mine go in there right out of high school. It takes a long time, and you get "stuck" there for a while, but he said it was worth all of the effort, they really do teach you to trade the grains. That was 5-6 years ago though...not sure if they've gotten more stringent, but if you are willing and have a basic knowledge of math, etc, you should be fine. Question though...are you appying to be a local marketer, like either one of their customer "farm marketers" or a terminal supervisory type role? or are you trying to get in at the big office hedging grains?
  3. They are recruiting MBAs for a Trader Trainee position. Might just be for newly-made MBAs, not sure. Training lasts a year.
  4. oh...sounds like a job up at the home office then...not sure of how to get in the door directly there...buddy of mine worked his way up through the ranks...
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    Looking for more info on this as well in terms of what a job there is like and what value it has in terms of how other desks perceive Cargill traders.