Cargill transformation

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    Hello TraDaTor.

    Thank you very much for this article about Cargill.

    It is far away my dream and passionate company.

    I believe that is tremendous strong and very very secretive.

    I believe that have a psychosis for food and what people eat.

    That thing makes me to respect it.

    I have the same passion for food and humans...

    With my small opinion maybe have the best intelligence about crops.

    I think that watch weather and take satellite data for crops.

    I know that in the past ( I will not say how ) when receive the MDA CropCAST for study I learn that Cargill receive that report.

    It is a publication that have weather and crop projection data from MDA Federal: .

    Here, I want to tell you that in the past I had a passion for satellite imagery.

    I had a contact within a Person in this company: ,

    Dr. Dmitry Varlyguin, that help me to understand better this science.

    Because, I have a passion for Cargill, I asked him to tell me if provide satellite imagery to this company.

    Told me kindly that have make contracts with companies and it is not possible to tell me a such information.

    Another thing here that I want to tell you is that I have another mad thing in my mind and make some small thoughts for that.

    It is basically relative to the grasshoppers and mormon crickets.

    Suppose that exist a huge attack from these two species in crops.

    How I will have the best intelligence for these attacks.

    I think that the attacks will cover it the local media like newspapers, internet sites, and news agencies with written text.

    I have the time to contact with a company that can track that kind of informations with their LexisNexis system: .

    I do not create a subscription there after their comments to me from that company.

    Another thing that I want to tell you here it is that you can not find a lot of informations about Cargill.

    Here after a research that have make to the internet I bought some books.

    Very sadly I have not read it yet.

    It is about Cargill.

    Here are the books:

    1) Invisible Giant,

    Cargill and its Transnational Strategies.

    Author: Brewster Kneen.

    I have the second Edition.

    2) Cargill


    Author: Wayne G. Broehl, Jr.

    Darmouth / New England

    3) Cargill


    Author: Wayne G. Broehl, Jr.

    Darmouth / New England.

    Another book that describe very well the Grains Markets is this book:

    Merchants of Grain

    Author: Dan Morgan


    This book I have read it.

    Describes very well the small number of companies that trade the World’s Grains.

    Worth a lot someone to read it.

    I will stop here because I hope to cover a lot the Cargill company.

    If find something else I promise to publish it here.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
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    The only one I have read is "Merchants of Grain". Thanks for the references.

    I have never really used satellite imagery or even meteorology in my trading, I just trade based on monday's USDA crop progress reports and weather forecasts when it comes to crop estimates. I agree that those tools are really powerful today. I love watching tankertrackers on twitter for energy.