Careful giving away your personal information on the net...

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  1. I saw on a certain blog where a female alias admitted that a male moderator was harassing her through email. She had apparently given away her real email address to the blog when signing into the comments section.

    Be careful when giving away your real name, real email and also know that most of these blogs have ip tracking schemes with searchable databases. These schemes were originally intended to get rid of troublemakers and wrongdoers, but are now sometimes being used to harass and bother legitimate users.

    Here are a few ways to protect yourself:

    1) When surfing your favorite blog, do not do it at your home or business. Did you know that while most ip addresses cannot be readily tracked to a residence, a business ip address can be tracked back immediately? If you go to one of those ip tracking websites, they will tell you the name of the business. Ultimately, someone could decide to call that business or email the administrator and make trouble for you.

    Another alternative is to use a sophisticated proxy service like TOR or The Anonymizer. It is impossible to trace anything back to you by using TOR even if the person gets a court order.

    2) Do not give them a real email address. Instead, give them a fake one. You can make one up on your own through gmail or yahoo. Remember, if you send an email to someone then they can use information in the header to find your ip address. is in Canada and will strip away your ip address information. Another service is which creates temporary email boxes quickly. Do not put anything in the email address that could identify you such as initials or birthdate. In fact, you might even want to purposely put the wrong initials and birthdate in there to fool someone. Like if your name is John Smith born in 1971, then put down
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    uhhh... have you ever had somebody after you for real? Like, the drug dealer gets busted and he's rousting all his customers in a fit of violent paranoia to try to find out who ratted him out?

    I mean, worrying about a moderator "coming after you", what? How bad is that really? Do they have enough to do identity theft or do they just fill your mailbox up with weird emails, what?
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    Uh, OK, where am I supposed to do it? In my car outside your house piggybacking your internet access?
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    Use only snailmail, or better yet, pigeons to communicate.

    You are a complete tool, moron.
  5. Usually scare tactics have an underlying motive. Maybe OP has an interest in some of the links being posted.