Careers in the Stock market?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Baker_Trader, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. Hey There!

    I am fresh out of high school, and now just taking some college course's...However, i need to find a career to follow...For a while it was Accounting....But i want to be in the Stock market!

    Can you guys tell me some careers in the Stock Market?

    Any help would be just fantastic!
  2. Boomer


    hey man, there is plenty of info out there on jobs having to do with the stock market. this site is mainly for daytraders, for another good site that would offer more of a all-around look at market jobs, try out
    have fun, theres tons of info.
  3. Baker_Trader,

    What Boomer saids is good.

    Also, I don't know if your going to a Junior College, University or Career...

    but you should make an appointment with your academic counselor as soon as possible...tell them what you just asked here at the board and see if you can talk to someone in the School of Business.

    From there...they should give you plenty of options and maybe even internship applications.

    If your truly serious about won't hesitate and will be calling your academic counselor tomorrow....even better...stop by his/her office in person.

    Another option is go to some local brokerage firm, prop firm and ask what did they get their college degrees in and see if your University offers similar degrees.

    Out of curiousity, how come you don't spend time using search menu (it's in the upper right corner of this forum) before asking some of those questions.

    There has been a few very good threads here about what education most traders have and stuff like that along with discussions about your previous questions you've asked about.

    Note: I have an older buddy whom daugther is now doing an internship (a lame job) on Wall Street itself during the summers for the past 2 years. She's a junior in college at University of Oregon majoring in Economics and International Finance.

    By the degrees are Microbiology and Genetics. I'm also a medical school dropout (not via academic reasons...just confused about what I really wanted to do at a late stage in my academics).

    P.S. A piece of advice. Your asking questions here via your other threads you've started...traders are giving you some good tips and I notice you never ever bother with a simple reply back nor acknowlegement nor thank you.

    If you continue...most likely traders here at ET will begin assuming your not serious and just goofing around.

    Edited in: Sorry about the above comments...I see you have at least once said thanks.