Career working for a hedge fund/wealthy individual

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  1. You guys have no clue-- most wealthy girls want a guy opposite of their father-- this means a hippie, rocker type person-- or an artist writer type. Just be a really nice, genuine person-- if you try to fake it you absolutely will not make it. The girl will like you for who you are, not what have have/know. surf
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    follow this advice... sure way to be miserable in life... you wont find any happiness that way... or fulfillment...
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    however, depends... if the daddy was never around and all that... then yes, the opposite.. but if he was around, was loving, made time for her, etc... then similar ... nothing to do with wealth but rather the level of involvement...
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    What a question is that? a) you just wanna bag her? b) you lack own opportunities for a career but want to enjoy a pompous life style? c) you truly love her? d) you wanna work for someone because you cannot start your own business or are afraid of the risk?

    a) no need to announce here and how is that related to where she works

    b) No more respect than for a gold digger. Sorry.

    c) again how is that related to her career. If you cannot attract her to you naturally then it most likely wont work through you stalking her at work.

    d) boring option

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  5. Do you mean like you? Market artist and journalist.:D
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  6. my girl loves me for who i am. :D
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  7. You will always be "that guy who is that woman's beotch."

    If you can live with that, shame on you for having zero backbone.

    Then, she will get sick of paying for your existence. She will know you are not successful, so you better marry her and have some kids to lock it up for a little longer.

    Nobody will respect you......and if you get out of line one day, she will show her power.


    have fun......and don't worry, we can't all be wolves and kings in this world.
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  8. looks like he wants to be like Jefferson from Married with Children....

    not the ideal life most guys aspire to

    but better than being Al Bundy....


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  9. All you need is 8 inch long and 2 inches in diameter ...
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  10. This is total Bull Crap.

    Ron Perelman, worth $10 billion now, married his first wife ( wealthy) when he was broke, borrowing money from her to start his first biz.

    John McCain married a rich girl and is no one's bitch, as did John Kerry, and Tom Hayden--there are numerous other examples.

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