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  1. Let us say one knows of the daughter of a very wealthy family. Let us say one admires this women on virtually every quality. This woman plans to go into the finance/hedge fund business like her father and appears to have every advantage to thrive at it.

    Let us suppose one wants to have a long term career working for such a woman. What would be the best professional speciality, if one truly dreamnt of working for such a person long term: Should one learn a front office analyst type skill or a back office speciality such as accounting, compliance(legal), opperations, etc?

  2. Electrical engineering
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  4. what a joke, make your own life.

    if you marry rich, you'll be a slave for the rest of your life.
  5. Tell that to the male wage slaves trying to keep their ever demanding wives happy. Who is the slave?
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    Boy toy. House husband. That guy in the movies who carries all the shopping boxes while the women are gleefully shopping.
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    As compared to an underpaid, abused worker in an unsatisfying job like most people? :)
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  9. -1
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    If you make the decision to become a ..............
    You will probably get it wrong and she won't be interested.
    If you are not already getting her respect being a top hedge fund/finance person like her father and has to start from scratch then may I suggest you start off on the right foot and find out from her what she thinks she would like you to be. Her view counts if you want to be in her good books.
    It's when she dates other guys you need to excercise great self restraint and cunning. Praise the guy up initially and then subtly slag him off.
    You have a life long quest and many hurdles to jump. Good luck.
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