Career Traders like Jay of Bull n Bear method (MY GOD)

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by IQ146, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. IQ146


    Jay Spirit

    You my friend are evil, think about it, deep down you know your trading is still at amateur level, (I saw ALL your youtube videos). I don't think you are a stupid kid, well maybe a little, but at your age that is quite fine.

    But the reason you are EVIL is because you are getting people to listen to your LIES when you know they are lies.

    Make no mistake Jay Spirit


    amateur at best.

    look in the mirror

    tell me what do you see ???
  2. IQ146


    Look Jay

    I am not trying to have you go hang yourself, I like the fact that you love the markets and are doing your best

    but I gotta tell you honestly when I was your age trying to trade the markets and trying to learn

    I sure as hell wasn't on the net telling people how great I am

    PM me and I'll give you some tips :)
  3. styron


    Once you get done exposing all the charlatans in the trading business, there are some Aegean stables which need cleaning as well.
  4. IQ146


    I took an interest in this Jay Spirit kid, because he reminded me of me.

    I was just like him,

    Stupid enough to give it my all

    and smart enough to know that it can be done
  5. I have a feeling you are him
  6. You are another multihandle wanker that is a certainty
  7. IQ146


    you are a wanker

    you obviously are not a real trader, otherwise you would identify with this start up trader Jay
  8. Yeah obviously I am not very insightful comment keep them up
  9. jsmooth


    what the hell are you guys talking about? I've been seeing a few threads like this....can someone post a link? I'm curious now
  10. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    Jay is very confusing young man, he thinks ET is mean but he cames back to ask for advices from A to Z time and again. I hope he matures out of this phase soon.
    #10     Sep 3, 2007