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  1. HI everyone!
    I have view a job post of an institutional bank looking for a FX Trader. So being interested with the post i made a search to see what does the job really entails. And here is a sample of the article:

    A foreign exchange trader manages an account, looks at reports, reads the press from various countries, and most importantly, spends time on the phone. He may spend up to 80 percent of the day on the telephone and working at his computer.

    Is this accurate?? Does a FX trader spends most of his time on the phone?? If yes for what??

    Thank you
  2. Sounds to me like its a glorified telemarketer position! that they are offering....disguised as a back office trading desk....
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    looks like fx sales, not trading.
  4. The description that i gave you came from a career profile article found in The Princeton Review. Here is the Link

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    I couldn't take any job that doesn't mention coffee right there in the job description.
  6. Yeah...the first questions I ask in the interview, is how much vaction time and sick leave...bonuses...etc...

  7. Are there any FX institutional traders that can confirm this??
  8. CasinoKid,
    I believe institu FX traders all trade using knowledge from different departments and contacts (lots of phone time)

    You need some kind of basis to put down a 200 million dollar bet other then , Price made another high and passed 50 moving average :D
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    FX institutionally is about the informational flow. The best FX institutional traders are the traders with the GREATEST informational flow due to connection. Look at people like Soros, Lipshutz (sp). They are all about connections and gaining the informational edge. So naturally they will talk a lot and have meetings.
    FX is not for everyone as it requires great perseverence to trade a 24 hour trading market. Everything in FX is about gaining the informational edge.
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