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    I am currently working in operations for a big IB. I am well paid for a 23 year old and career prospects are reasonable within the department. However, I want to work in equity research and this is where the dilemma comes in.

    Should I go back to uni and do a masters in investment analysis & fund management, the course also lets me complete upto level 2 CFA, so i would finish in a years time with a Msc and level 2 CFA. The probelm is it will cost me 20k and when you consider lost earnings from a year not earning it means going back to uni will cost me around 55k.

    What should I do? Take the risk, do the uni course and try and get a job in equity research or stay as I am and try and workmy way up?

    Please help!
  2. If I read your previous post correctly, you were on a temp basis. Has this changed? I'd suggest you remain at your bank for several years, you are still too young without enough experience to get into the better Masters programs. If you are full time, would a move within the bank to middle office be possible? Back office will be tough to get out of, there is a chance from middle office though so that may be your stepping stone. That said, in a few years, if you do a solid Masters at a top school, you can make the jump from back office to front office.

    As for equity research, sell side is very much marketing and buy side can be much more satisfying.
  3. This is a TRADER forum, not an INVESTMENT BANKER forum.

    But since you asked, the simplest approach is to go get your MBA and land an internship as a summer analyst while you're working on it. That would give you experience with which you can start working up into a solid equity research position. Your uni of choice is important so pick wisely and study your ass off for the GMAT.

    With summer analyst program or even just a MBA you can start as an associate (one step up from entry level analyst, the titles may vary between banks). You will make first year salary equivalent during the summer program so there is some money.

    Be ready for mental abuse, sleepless weeks, hours upon hours of mundane endless work and a lack of social life. Good luck.