Career options for a guy in his late 20's with no experience in the field

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  1. Trade


    I'm 29yrs old, come from a Non-English speaking country, and just finished a bachelor of commerce study in a western country, majoring in economics, finance and quant. analysis.

    I'm very keen to get into trading and my goal is to become a professional prop trader or quant trader. This is also why I picked up my study. Last year, I interviewed with one of the bulge bracket banks for Sales and Trading internship but it didn't go well, then I went on to continue my own start-up project.

    So basically I am old and has no work experience in Finance. I know chances are few but I was wondering what options do I have if I continue to presume the trading profession?

    btw I am a quick learner, managed to get into a diploma course with 6 months english learning and I have good grades in my bachelor, would that help?
  2. zdreg


    bachelor degree is insufficient in this area. take any job you can and see if you can make a transfer once you are in the co. review what you can learn from your prior interview.

    lots of luck.
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  3. JSOP


    First of all, 29 is NOT old. There are people who started trading in their 40's. Second, jobwise, I agree with zdreg, trying to get an job you can find in the industry, preferably an analyst job and start from there.
  4. JackRab


    There are lots of prop firms or market makers in HK... try those. But, you don't have a masters degree? You might end up bottom of the pile....
  5. zdreg


    "you are only as old as the woman you are with."
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  6. Humpy


    Agree 29 isn't old.
    Seem intelligent and keen. That's good.
    Able to learn easily - big plus if only starting.
    While flipping burgers or something get a free platform and trade demo until you have learnt the basics then either branch out or make profits at home.
    So get started immediately.
    Prop firms will cramp your natural style having to do it their way. probably 10 years out of date too.
  7. newwurldmn


    29 is old to start at a bulge bracket, unless he can show something extraordinary to explain his age: he was fighting against Assad in Syria or pulled himself out of the slums of Bombay.
  8. JackRab


    I was 27 when I started my job as a market maker... so I doubt 29 is old... It depends on what you bring to the table, what did you do before? I hope you didn't take 10+ years to do just a bachelors degree?
  9. newwurldmn


    What were you doing between 22 and 27?

    You were in the floor of the ASX right?
  10. JackRab


    No i was doing my 2nd bachelors degree and masters degree... why?
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