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  1. Hello

    I would like to know what kind of careers are there in the currency trading business (I am also interested in the ancilliaries to that like currency strategist, currency economist, etc) other than independent trading.
    how is working as a trader or something like that for banks or financial institutions. which is the lowest position a newbie can start with and what are the positions these people retire at and what kind of money they make at various levels and how (i.e. salary, bonus, commissions).

    I am newbie trying to understand how careers in forex work to plan for myself please advise.

    thank you
  2. come on guys am sure there are lots of you in here who made it big in the currency markets. help me out reply to my question above.

    Thanks to all who are atleast reading this
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  4. theres a lot of amateurs on these boards, so don't expect a reply from an elite trader ! .

    From my very limited experience , its mostly the large financial institutions who trade long term currency markets from what i can gather. People like Goldman Sachs have a huge currency operation , your best bet is junior analyst and work your way up, so you'll need a good degree , and fantastic coffee making skills !!!
    Oh yes and learn computer programing , java , C++ , Visual basic will help a lot.

  5. Thanks for the reply neil.
    I once met a guy who told me that programming skills help in this career but I rubbished him actually I hate programming and dropped out of it after some time. I would like to know why does a currency trader/analyst know programming he should know how to use the softwares and maybe trouble shooting.
    please enlighten me
  6. You don't need programming skills if you go into macro economics , if you think programming was boring you'll lurrrrv the macro stuff.

    I'm busy programming a forex strategy right now in amibroker to test and trade. There's quite a few programing jobs posted for hedge funds , as most of the new strategies are automated or designed on computer systems.

    You could however just set up your own firm like i did, and i'm only 22 , not bad eh . We should have 2 million under management shortly if all goes to plan .

    good luck
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    wtf though that all those jobs are in Manhatten. Don't get me wrong, I would move in a jiffy because the NYC thing would be interesting but can't do so at this time.

    Doesn't anyone know how great Seattle is for trading the NZ market open? :D
  8. If trader is having proper trading knowledge and experience then good and consistent profit can be earned and there is no restriction of age or gender everyone can do this.
  9. Im currently contemplating developing a programmed strategy for my FX method , but its really hard .

    Theres too many variables to consider when I trade, different things can change on the fly, etc. I dont think its possible, but I can see how having a programming background could help for simple systems.

    Simple systems that exist and make money?? Thats another thread...
  10. Being a Forex trader is already a career. That is the way I see it.
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