Career advise... Am I getting Screw D?

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I've been reading these boards for as long as I can remember but my time has come to reach out as I am need of some assistance.

    And sorry for posting under this thread but there wasn't anywhere else to go.

    To sum things up, my MGR and I had a bit of an incident in which I was written up for. No biggie, just didnt see eye 2 eye on a particular policy but after refusing to meet with him"again" to "discuss it further" I was written up for insubordination. Now, prior to getting written up I called HR as I had a feeling this would get ugly and told them that I no longer felt comfortable discussing this any further w/my mgr. They told me to wait for the assigned HR person to get back to me b4 going into this meeting. I call HR again minutes b4 the meeting was to begin and ask them flat out, what do I do, this person hasn't gotten back to me, it's a hot issue.. do I take this meeting or not??? HR tells me, again, to wait for the assigned HR rep to call me back b4 I do anything. So I sit back and don't take the meeting...BOOM, insubordination write up!

    So here lies the problem... I followed HR's directive, I waited... and waited..., And for the lack of action on my part I.E. not taking the meeting "again" with my MGR, I was written up.

    HR pulled the calls and while they said it was a "grey area" they naturally sided w/MGMT as they never told me not to take the meeting!! Semantics if you ask me.

    Now, Ive been w/this firm for 10 years, not so much as an Oral warning on my record. Now I have a written warning BUT here's where it gets better.... My MGR gives me such a sh*tty year end rating over this I DO NOT QUALIFY for my year end bonus!!! Notta, zilch. One write up, "grey at best" those are HR's words, and I get NO BONUS.

    My question, do I have a case here? My mgr clearly has it out for me. Even if the write up was warranted, one incident the entire year and no year end bonus?? He gave me the lowest year end score possible. I spoke to an attorney who his very interested but do/can I go this route? My Firm is a FINRA member, do I need to go through the FINRA channel??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. going postal would help to resolve it!

  3. I think the best thing to do is look for another job (while you are working, that is) Life is too short to work for someone you don't get along.
  4. Yup. Time to the Get the F**k Outta there ASAP. If you feel like getting even, make sure you sabotage your manager and maybe the company on the way out. Nothing criminal but work related. Try to make it known of your value there.
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    Always use email in a corporate setting.
  6. I have trouble imagining how something that was "no biggie" was significant enough to turn ugly. There's more to this story then you've mentioned.
  7. A+

    Also, keep a hard copy at home of the ones where you instruct someone to pay a tax bill, forbid them to do something illegal/unethical, or agree to handle a legal matter.

    Don't bother asking me how I know.. :(
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    I am sure your attorney also advised you to keep your mouth shut, which includes posting on a public forum.
  9. That's not necessarily true. My oldest daughter who is in her early thirties worked for a US firm in Canada. She worked there for over 12 years and her boss (a male) always had issues with women. He always had to be right. My daughter moved from the back to the front office in ordering and shipping. She trained staff and once she became pregnant and she needed to leave he would hound her at home. She helped him and then when she came back after maturnity leave and she would not assist him in his work she reported the issues to HR. Thank god she kept notes. He was caught lying and had the same issues with the other women. In the end HR (really a dept of the company) told her she had two choices. They neglected to tell her the company was closing in 3 weeks whereby she would receive a closing settlement and advised her to quit.

    She lost thousands of dollars as a result. She took her notes and won only a part of the money but without the notes she was dead. The guy now is back in the USA.

    In Canada HR is to file a report on all meetings. I would ask HR for a summary of your meetings.

    best advise given here was ask you lawyer an do not post on a forum.
  10. sue them, both the manager and HR. Drag them through the court system, you have nothing to lose. Search the web and find out those organizations that provide free legal asistance in job discrimination cases.
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