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  1. Hi guys,
    Well I don't know if this is the correct place to open this thread, but here it goes.

    I am looking to break into trading and I need some advice on how to tackle interviews and create a network here. :)

    First a short Bio Sketch:
    I am 22 yrs and have a background in Computer Science. I am a CMT L2 candidate (May 2010). I took this certification as I wanted to be a trader one day, and I think I am ready to switch over to the world of trading.

    I just want to ask you what are the trading firms looking for in a candidate or on his resume ? I have zero banking/finance internships and besides a few certifications (FRM and CMT till now ) dont have much to boast about in the finance part of things.

    I understand the basics of TA/FA and a lil bit of Quant (stochastic calculus), so I think I am pretty ok with the technical stuff.

    I think I have rambled quite a lot, so I am going to condense things here now...the questions I am really asking are :

    1. What technical/soft skills are the trading firms looking for ?

    2. What is the best way to get your resume noticed by Trading firms ?

    Akshay :)
  2. 1) Do you even have a "day job" in computer science?
    2) Nobody takes the CMT designation seriously.
    3) If you graduated with a "high" GPA from an "upper tier" school, that may be an advantage.
    4) Don't talk about the trading-related book-learning you are doing.
    5) Based on your first name, you may encounter ethnic discrimination at some firms.
    6) Apply to any and every firm you can find. If nothing happens within 6-12 months, stay with computer science. :cool:
  3. rosy2


    the ability to program and research ideas. there are some legacy type firms that still look for a trader to sit and watch the market all day but IMO those firms only exist because they haven't been automated yet.

    most importantly dont worry about salary. you have to get a cut of the pnl.
  4. Thanks Nazzdack for the quick reply.

    1) No I don't have a job presently. I voluntarily quit. I was working with IBM.
    2) hmm thats quite a bummer. People not taking CMT seriously :|
    I understand Trading is real world but some bookish shouldn't be that bad. But okay.
    3) My cgpa is not that great. Somewhat average.
    4) Not unless they ask me ... okay
    5) I will mostly be aiming for firms in India, so won't be an issue.
    6) I probably won't be going back to CS. I will try for a business school here if nothing works out. Are there any other avenues I can look for adding weight on my resume ... like start trading my own account ... ?

    -- Akshay
  5. (1-4) You have a weak resume'.
    5) If the Indian stock market stays firm, you may have a better chance of getting hired somewhere.
    6) To get an MBA without atleast a few years of hardcore job experience is a bad idea, atleast in the USA. India may be "different".
    7) Trading your own account is a possibility if you get no offers.
    8) You may want to consider looking through the trading-related groups at There are millions of East Indian guys on those forums. :cool:
  6. yes. In India for example, we mostly have manual trading firms. Other than I-banks, not many firms have the capital to automate, they'd rather invest in Human resources than computer resources.
  7. I knew I had a weak resume so I took the CFA/FRM/CMT.
    I was under the impression that CFA, FRM and CMT add weight to the resume . Ok not the CMT in itself, but definitely CFA and FRM. I am pursuing them all currently.

    Do you think it makes more sense because of these certifications that I apply to an Equity Analyst position right now and make the switch later(if at all) ? I do not want to stagnate with all this bookish knowledge in my brain, I want to use it. :|

    Does it help or does the position of an Equity Analyst brand me for life ?

    I'd like to point out that by Equity Analyst, I mean the position at the "back" office where we get the out sourced work from the US and the EU. Its mostly shit work, but you still get to call yourself an I-Banker.

    MBA in India is different alright. People get into a good B school like the IIMs(Indias Premier B-School) at the grand old age of 22. Work ex people are obviously given preference but that population is like 5% of the total applicants.

    Getting back to the point.
    I will start trading my own account soon. Mostly options first.

    Yeah I will have a look at those LinkedIn groups as well.

    Thanks Nazzdack for your comments. Its getting quite late now.

    I will have a look at this thread tomorrow.

  8. Could someone answer my question above :
    Does an equity analyst position brand you for life ? Would you hire as a trader someone who has slogged as an equity analyst before ?

    I didn't get the trading job I interview for ... I am also aiming for some analyst positions.