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    I get your point...

    however.. as a code monkey he is still miles closer to the goal, than all the amateur wannabees who sit in their moms basement and call themselves system traders lol.

    'traders' .... what a pathetic group..
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    Good points, and I would add to avoid the financial space altogether in terms of employment. The OP's profile states that he is in LA and there is actually a decent tech scene there. OP, get a job and learn how a pro software shop operates. Don't work for a company where IT is the cost center...find a company where tech is the product. Learn algo trading on the side or just swing/position trade and enjoy your youth.
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  3. Or maybe even do like this guy:

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    That is a fantastic video! this ^^^^^, leave this site and never come back!! :)
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    You certainly sound pathetic and bitter. OP: don't listen to the grumpy, bitter old fart who pissed away all his chances!
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  6. Do you recommend any that would take a college student?
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  7. What do you mean by strategy metrics?
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  8. Litterly thats how I've been learning this whole time lol
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  9. I've heard of automated trading but I never knew what it was?
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    You should stay away from these scam artists.

    This dude is promoted by Timothy Sykes. If that doesn't send you running...well a fool and his money are easily parted.

    You should probably hit the books instead of looking for a prop.
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