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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lmn, May 17, 2004.

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    About to finish university, I am trying to find a graduate position as a trader. However, my applications to several big banks have all failed. Under such circumstances, can I still start a career in trading?

    I have some experience in the stock market, but what I am really interested in is the index futures market. I have been watching the E-minis for several months, and am at the point of actually starting to trade NQ. I am also beginning to learn about the HSI.

    Can you please advise me on this? Many thanks in advance.
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    please, search, pretty please.
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    Don't put any hope on I-Bank trading jobs, those are rare and exclusive.

    Your best bet is to work into a hedge fund, First New York Securities or make the sacrifices and trade for yourself to at least get some experience.
  4. odds are you won't get a paying job. i know you put a few months in watching the E-minis but that and a quarter will leave you with .25 cents. your best move would be find a prop job where you won't have to put money down. if you live with your parents you can go a year without a paycheck and learn.
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    Thanks to all of you indeed.
  6. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

    First question answer ,yes

    Perhaps another important question, how did you do with stocks;
    because if not profitable with stocks
    multiply [x] losses king size with derivatives.

    Back to your first question & my second question;
    typically trading companies may start you with 1oo shares
    learn without leverage pattern again.

    Actually since execution costs are NOT a priority for a swing/position trader;
    glad i learned with average of LESS than 100 shares or 1 contract


    Wisdom is the principal thing.
    Solomon,trading king
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    murray t turtle, thank you indeed.
  8. if you happen to have enough of your own money then you could trade your own account as many of us do here on ET.. be prepared to spend ALOT of time and money before you become profitable.. there are some good places to learn if you want to shorten the learning curve.. LBR has a popular chat room.. Toni and Brandon have a really good one.. and realitytrader is an excellent service.. stay far away from and other snakeoil scams..

    if you dont have the money to strike out on your own, maybe check out the deal Bright is offering for new traders.. i think you have to move to Vegas though..

    good luck :)

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    Hi qwik,

    Thanks really for your help.

    Can you please tell me the full name of Bright? I tried to find it at Google, but unrelated things came up.
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    The name is Don Bright, he runs

    These type of professional, proprietary Stock Trading firms is where you want to start. Most will require you to put up some money before they will train you, but it will be well worth it. I think Don Bright has an offer now for 5000 or so. Which ever company you choose, make sure they have a great training program.

    That would be the best route to becoming a professional trader. Be aware that the fall out rate from places like that is tremendous.
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