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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first posting, I am also new to this site. I am a junior student at columbia university. I came from another country 3.5 years ago and got married in here 3 years ago. I transfered to columbia university studying econ-math 2 years ago. I was enrolled full-time but now tution is too expensive and I can afford only one class a semester.

    I am 24 and I want to start my career before it is too late for me to be an entry level. I have been looking for the options and Global Markets is something I really enjoy reading about and Trading is very interesting to me.

    I had interviews with Banc of America Securities and BlackRock but they didn't give me an offer. I think it has a lot to do with me not being graduated yet.

    Sorry for the long message, but I would like to hear your advice for me regarding how to start my trading career. Is there any reputable company that would hire me for full-time without graduation and enrolling to school for one class a semester. Is there some other way to learn this businesses ins and outs from the masters? Like becoming an apprantice but not in a boiler room. Again thank you so much for reading this far and I am looking forward to hear your comments.

    Basically, what is the way to become a respected trader under my conditions? Any company that you suggest me for applying? Any books, software or hardware that you advice me to get? Any person that you encourage me to contact?
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    i wouldnt waste any time here. this site is not that helpful. best of luck.
  3. I would disagree with your comment. I think there are many stressed people in here who jump at the chance to start fights; this might be what gives you the impression that ET is not very helpful.

    It is difficult to respond to every single career-change situation as it comes along. I strongly suggest that you do a search in the Career Trader Forum for words like new, starting out, changing career or others and you will find at least 5 dozen threads about the subject.

    If after searching you have specific questions, then ask specific questions to get short and specific answers.

    Good luck.
  4. Probably Jack H, some would say. :confused:
  5. heres some advice

    trade parttime

    finish your columbia degree

    get a job at a respectable firm such as bears stearns,lehman etc..
    office work ,

    and most of all trade part time

    trading is no business to be in when you need cash

    if you are looking to make a living from trading from 0 , it is not advisable unless you have a good amount saved up.
  6. Bingo! You must have a bankroll before starting. Go work in a respectable wall st firm first, so you can see how the financial world really works. Some schlock prop shop will ALWAYS be around.
  7. Thank you to all those replying. Maybe I could not stress enough that I cannot finish school anytime soon due to specific academic requirements for transfer students and trying to finance full-time education at one of the most expensive college in the USA.

    I agree that I should get a job at a reputable wall street bank or at least a big hedge fund that will train me; however, without a degree, it does not seem easy either. It is like a two sided sword, if I do not get a good job, I cannot continue my education, and if I dont finish college, I cannot get a good job. I need to make at least 60K for surviving and going to school. Do you know any kind of titles on wall street which will pay that kind of a salary without a degree? What kind of a possibility for getting such a job exists for an exceptionally successful individual? Any other comments?
  8. this might sound silly to you ... but do you qualify for financial aid or a grant ?

    or , could you switch to a CUNY school for degree
    that will cost way less for tuition ?

    also ... I noticed you are an "independentCEO"

    maybe send a resume to Donald Trump ?

    my 2 cents

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    Hate to say it but your odds of getting a job at a bank or fund, before you graduate, are slim to none.

    You might, however, be able to find a job on the floor as a clerk - NYBOT or NYMEX. You wouldn't make 60k, but you would get some experience and your hours wouldn't be bad.
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    where can you go from being a clerk? from what i here the trading floors are currently being phased out as everything becomes more electronic.
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