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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by HardTimes, Apr 17, 2003.

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    Long time lurker here and although the board has changed over the last 2 years, it's still the best resource, ideas site on the net.

    I'm looking for some ideas on a change of career. I was a broker (in London) for a long time and over the last 2 years have been trading my own account and although profitable I have struggled to make it pay, and the trouble is that I can't see myself getting out of the rut in the future (making money to live but not leaving enough into the account for re-investment).

    I am therefore starting to think about a total change of career out of the financial markets. There's a lot of smart and good people here so I'd really appreciate some ideas of what you would do if you had to change.

    I'm 32 years old, single and am happy to look at all ideas. And guys only a few jokes allowed!

    From reading a good post on this board I've listed some of the ideas that were suggested.


    Pilot, opportunities if you look outside the passenger airlines

    Chemical engineering degree leading to.....?

    Cisco CCNA or similar networking credentials (you mentioned this Nitro, can you elaborate?)

    Industrial espionage/Cyber terrorism related IT

    IT Security

    And what about an IT link between the IT dept and the trading desks because I sure know a lot about trading etc

    All comments would be most welcome and have a good Easter/Passover everyone, and good luck with your trading.
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    I read recently that a few universities are now offering study and degrees in homeland security. According to the WSJ, there are many jobs waiting with states and cities for those who graduate from the programs. Could be an interesting career.
  3. bump this post for more info!!

    I find myself in a similar situation
  4. While you may receive a lot of suggestions here, they are not going to be helpful to you. ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! If you don't have a passion for it, it will be just another job that you will come to resent and hate in time regardless of its pay.

    Think about what your personality is like and find something that will stimulate and satisfy (insert your own wise ass comment here). Are you the type that likes instantaneous feedback you get from trading? (Air traffic controller) Do you like methodically working through a project to perfection (Consultant)?

    I suggest you lock yourself in your apartment without the phone or tv or radio for a couple of days while drinking lots of Jim Beam bourbon until you have that aha! moment when you realize what it is you want out of life. Then, drink some more to make sure it was the right idea. Then pursue it. (I am 100% serious about this!)

  5. I agree with Discipline -- you listed a bunch of things, but left out the most important: what do you LIKE to do? what would you do if money were not a concern? naturally there are myriad other factors, but that's a good place to start.
  6. Hey when my brother a cpa got laid off he found a job on you can find any kind of career you want. Benefits are good but pay starts out low, dollar for dollar matching on 401k etc.. So just start with A and work your way through Z and perhaps something will appeal to you, best regards
  7. The dilemma is this....some of those great technical or medical professions you listed that pay super money nearly 6 figures or more...take too much time from a schooling perspective.

    I.E. Pharmacists....they are making ridiculous money right now.....depending on where you live in this country, there are shortages in some areas...I know for a fact that pharmacy retail managers are being paid slightly over $100K to start. Even hospital pharmacies are shelling out big bucks....

    The problem is it takes nearly 5-6 years to become a in your would be at least 37-38 years old coming out of pharmacy school.....And by then, who knows where the demand will be....
  8. one word..plastics
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    Disciplines post has the wisdom here. What do really want to do? That's what will pan out best. This is a time of great change, new niches will appear. Sounds like a fortune cookie, but true.
  10. I guess I'm a believer in destiny. I don't mean to sound "lofty" but you should do what you were "born to do". Then everything else (money, position, salary increases, etc.) will take care of itself. You've got a certain combination of talents and desires that will put you at the top and fulfill what you were intended to do. It's usually what you love but not always. I think if you sit back and examine both your desires and talents, you'll figure out your next step.
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