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  1. CFNL
    any thoughts?

    growth looks good...some insider buying ...and looks ready to breakout to new highs soon.
  2. come on baby break that $12 :)
    she's thin..and soon to win.
  3. :)
    Keep moving baby!
  4. Who else is on this nice little ride? :)
  5. Looks like I'm the only cheerleader on this one.
    Go CFNL!
  6. Nice recovery (hammer) on CFNL today! :)
  7. Go baby go!

    Oh I love it so...:)
  8. yeah, but it took you 2 months for it to breakout....

    meanwhile, you could have made a better % moving your money infinitely more places.
  9. I'm sure there were bigger and faster moves elsewhere but I'm never gonna complain about a nice gain.

    I'm not a professional trader. This is a swing trade in my IRA. Along with AKS which I have from 11.75 (now over 14) and GTE which I have from 3.40 (now at 2.50). GTE was a recommendation from a guy I work with who said he "knew something good was gonna happen". Of course these are always sure signs that nothing will happen. I took a small position anyway like a jackass.
  10. Trading with your IRA is something more people should learn to do: kudos.

    If you want some solid growth, look at FMD. Research the fundies.
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