Card Game/Poker Probability Questions

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    anyone get these in a trading interview?? What questions did you get?
  2. I recall them recommending familiarity with game theory and from that, a few poker and basic probability questions.
  3. You may get some basic questions (element of ruin, 52 card probabilty etc.).... a good, quick resource can be found here:

    Chris (Jesus) Ferguson started trading with us 10 years ago, and is one of the world's top poker players (and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet). His father is a Professor of Gaming Theory at UCLA, a family of smart guys, LOL.

    Ferguson attended UCLA where he earned a Ph.D. in computer science (focusing on virtual network algorithms) in 1999 after five years as an undergraduate and 13 years as a graduate student.[2] His Ph.D. advisor was Leonard Kleinrock. Ferguson's parents have doctoral degrees in mathematics and his father, Thomas Ferguson, teaches game theory and theoretical probability at UCLA. His style is highly mathematical, using a strong knowledge of game theory and developing computer simulations to improve his understanding of the game.

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    It seems retarded to compare a known population with an unknown. Why would anyone join a prop in the first place? Desperation?
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    Try leverage and structure among other things.. Who crapped in your Corn Flakes?
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    Funny. Leverage w/o thought of distribution.