Carcinogen in the drinking water

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MarketMasher, Dec 28, 2010.


    "The draft EPA assessment released in September could pave the way for a national drinking-water standard for the chemical, best known for polluting groundwater in Hinkley, Calif., where activist Erin Brockovich won a multimillion-dollar settlement for locals and became a household name. "

    Who should do the clean-up?

    1) Federal gov't
    2) Local gov't
    3) Industry (probably not without Fed gov't forcing them to)

    Meanwhile, other countries producing products using hexavalent chromium are probably tainting the drinking water of their population also - but because the citizenry have no recourse, their industry will be able to produce cheaper product - steel, for instance, under-cutting American business.

    So what should be done? Big Brother Federal intervention? Local gov't intervention? Nothing - to stay price-competitive?

    And how can the US compete against other countries this way?