Carbon Trading

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  1. Im a college student in my sophmore year. I know zero trading but Carbon trading is definitely the thing I want to get really good at. I wanna get a job at one of the big boys - so my question to you is how best I can prepare for a job like this. Im studying economics currently but can switch to finance if necessary. I guess I should try learning futures and do some commodity trading? I want to know enough before senior year about this field , that recruiting me becomes a no brainer.
  2. Its really smart to be getting ready at this stage of the game. Spending time now to prepare will put you in front of those that wait to try to figure it out.

    I don't think cap & trade is going to pass in the US. I now its on the agenda and Obama just gave the legislation a big push in congress by having the EPA declare a finding that its threat to public health but I see it stalling out.

    Nothing in my opinion would excellerate the transfer of wealth, power, and influence to Asia faster from the US without the use of nukes on our cities. Its simply a fact that I don't see how the CO2 haters are going to be able to get around.

    Just the talk of it is putting power plants on hold and while many of the costs to the average joe six pack would be hidden there is no doubt he will notice the 15-20% increase in the utility bill that would happen in very short order. He will also notice that his standard of living just went down big time as prices go up and wages don't follow suit.

    I don't have a lot of faith that most members of congress will make the right choice on most issues but I do have faith that they will not want to explain to the voters during election time why they voted to destroy their lives.

    I also think that Obama wants a second term and he is just probably playing lip service to the democratic base and does not actually want to see the bill on his desk.

    With that being said you may want a plan 'B' even if you don't agree with me.

    Best to you