Carbon Tax Bill Next

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  1. "Kerry Exploits Obamacare Passage to Propose Carbon Tax"

    "Following their successful effort to force totalitarian health control legislation down the throats of the American people, Obama’s allies are now pushing for climate change legislation.

    CFR insider and Bonesman Kerry says a draconian carbon tax scheme must be sold to the American people.

    “Twenty-two Democratic senators have signed a letter calling for climate legislation within the year, although some observers question whether the White House will want another divisive vote as November midterm elections approach,” reports AFP.

    The effort is led by the CFR insider and Bonesman John Kerry. “In the wake of health care’s passage, we have a strong case to make that this can be the next breakthrough legislative fight,” senator Kerry said on Tuesday. “Climate legislation is the single best opportunity we have to create jobs, reduce pollution and stop sending billions overseas for foreign oil from countries that would do us harm.”

    Kerry has teamed up with Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) in an effort to foist a carbon tax scheme on the American people. A proposed Senate bill peddled by the trio would would impose a cap-and-trade system in 2012 on electric utilities. The bill would also levy a heft gasoline tax on consumers."
  2. man life is unbearable with so many costs:mad:
  3. This is just the beginning with Obama. His plan is to
    redistribute the wealth (tax you to give to the dead beats).

  4. Somebody should inform them about natural gas. We have a 100 year supply right here in the USA. If we used it as a transportation fuel, we could stop sending $700B/yr overseas... to people who don't particularly like us...