Carbon Credit Offsets for Individuals??

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  1. Well known NYC fund manager has started a carbon credit offset firm for individuals. Now anyone can help the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint with actual credits. It's a cool smart thing to do and is a very interesting idea in its infancy. check it out!


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    There is a lot of interest both here and abroad for families and individuals to offset their personal carbon emissions and to do their part in the fight against global warming. I think it is a good business right now with lots of potential.
  3. I may be subject to spontaneous combustion, I'll have to look into this further.:D
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    anybody who sells a carbon credit is a scumbag and anybody who buys one is stupid.

    Get over yourselves, you are not that powerful that you can control the climate of a 2 bedroom house, never mind the world.
  5. No. No. No. This stuff really works. I use a similar practice to help fight obesity worldwide. I send money to a starving family in Somalia - paying them not to eat. In such a fashion, 10 Americans can remain obese - thereby allowing the total human population to remain - 'Fatass Neutral.'

    - Spydertrader
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    Critics don't understand this market or it's mechanics. Of course, new markets are opaque and fraught with cheating, corruption and growing pains. That said, carbon emissions worldwide are coming down as a direct response to the Kyoto Protocol and the Cap and Trade model for Carbon emissions. Multi-billions of dollars are currently being traded by major corporations in the compliance markets in countries who have signed the Kyoto Protocol.

    Here in the US, states are mandating electricity companies to generate a % of their power through renewable sources or to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from developers who are doing environmentally friendly projects such as solar installations, etc.

    In short, the capital markets approach to addressing the Greenhouse Gas, Carbon emissions problem is the only solution to resolve Global Warming. Remember Acid Rain? Lew Ranieri developed the Cap and Trade system for SO2 and NOx and largely solved the problem. You haven't heard about acid rain much recently, have you?

    Big backers are getting involved in the trade of Carbon offsets/Carbon credits in the US. Ever hear of Paul Tudor Jones, NYMEX, Evolution Markets? They have formed the NYMEX Green Exchange to trade carbon offsets. This train is leaving the station and Carbon will be next big market to trade. Maybe the biggest in the world.

    Do Greenhouse Gases (GHG) cause Global Warming? Honestly, nobody really knows. What we do know is that there is little downside to reducing carbon emissions and cleaning up the environment even if Global Warming turns out to be merely a normal weather cycle. However, the downside of not acting to stem greenhouse gas emissions, now, while we have the chance to reverse and slow the process should it turn out that global warming is real and caused by man-made emissions, is simply to great a risk to accept.

    Each individual must do their part to reduce, reuse and offset their own emissions. The i'm too small to matter attitude does not fly and we all bear responsibility for future generations.
  7. A quick look on the net reveals, "Acid Rain Damage Far Worse Than Previously Believed"

    You don't hear about acid rain because the media moved on to something more dramatic, the ever changing climate.

    The Green Exchange sounds like potential.

    As long as I can make money on this scam to offset the losses that it causes....
  8. It's a no lose situation. I just bought a credit to help offset my 10 mile to a gallon british SUV. It's a small step in the right direction, hope others jump on board asap. small price to pay and you get a cool certificate. these overfed americans have no clue what the rest of the world is doing, USA refused to sign kyoto protocol so far....

  9. Does your cool certificate say "I'm a total dumbass"? If so, frame it and shove it up you ass. I'm tired of fuckwads like you insulting Americans.

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  10. What is your reasoning for not understanding the concept of c.credits?

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