carbon capture

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  1. This may be an ignorant question but is it possible to "scrub" captured CO2 at the tailpipe or exhaust systems? From what research I've done it seems that this would be possible. Maybe it's not economically feasible but it seems it should be. Just a thought...
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    It's already being done at those places that test CO2 from autos at emission locations to determine if an auto is safe on the road after an owner received a violation ticket while driving and emitting black smoke out of their tailpipe or someone driving one of those extremely old autos like from the 50s.

    Yet, I always wonder what they do with the CO2 after collecting it for analysis...buried it safely underground ???

  3. ipatent


    Capture in factory settings is performed by passing the emissions through a solvent which absorbs the CO2. The solvent is then processed to release the CO2 gas, which is stored underground.

    This would probably be unwieldy in a vehicular context.