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  1. i was going to do it last year, but they took it out of schedule because tobacco sponsors were banned, but this yr its defintely on the schedule,
    thankx for the tips
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  3. F1 all the way, Where is this new go-kart place located? I live not to far from the Ft. Lauderdale area and would love to check it out. If any other area traders are interested lets all go racing. :D
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  4. imho f1 and cart are boring. the only passing is in qualifying. if you arent rubbing fenders you arent racing.
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  5. u can see it off I-95 on commercial, its in a warehouse,
    they were supposed to open it back in july and have been postponing it ever since, anyway the latest word is feb now.

    I'm stuck in nyc for now, but when I get down back there it would be nice to set up league racing or something.


    there is another "go kart" track in miami area, its in Opa Locka, the track is a part of a parking lot, its in a very small area with a lot of turns and only one real straightaway.
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  7. Cutten


    Yes, it's a must see IMO. You are miles closer to the action (if you get a good ticket) than any other major racing event, it is one of the last of the crazy street races, seeing F1 cars go past cafes at 150mph+. The evening after the race is finished, some of the residents go racing round the circuit at night in their Ferraris, Porsches etc whilst the police turn a blind eye :D Go to the Cafe de Paris on Casino Square and check out the cars pulling up outside, you will see all sorts of exotica. Monaco is also quite a party town during high season. If you can make it a week or 2 week holiday then you can explore the whole Riviera, Italy is less than an hour away and Barcelona is within striking distance for a weekend trip. If you like your driving, go up into the Cols and drive the roads which they use for the Monte Carlo rally.
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  8. RAY


    I did:

    SRF (Spec Racer)
    FC (FF2000)
    Formula Dodge
    Barber Pro Series
    Toyota Atlantic

    and a couple stints in various sports cars.

    I do:

    Autocross, and Driver Education events (street car).

    Follow F1, ALMS and World Superbike.

    Sparingly watch others.

    I can't make it to the Kart track in FL; Currently living in NJ and TX. Have fun.
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  9. I was there in 2001 . It is great if you like to get close to the action and feel cars flying just 30 ft from you . Pits and drivers are ( were ) also more accessible . Race is usually not too dramatic because it is very hard to pass but atmosphere is the best .
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  10. James Lackey

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    I drove many race cars. Had a bracket car running super comp 8.90's and drove it quick 16 door cars ran 8 flat. The best is top alcohol funny cars or dragsters for nhra. FOR LIKE 5,000 TO CAN TAKE A CLASS. GO 0-60 IN 1 SECOND, 1/4 mile in 5.70' 250mph. That was a blast, but that sucked as I pulled the parachutes for a good run on Sept 11th 2001. That ruined the day.

    Lakeland has a great stock car school. Orlando has easy tourist richard Petty School. It is fun for a few laps but the keep you under 150mph So I was actually coasting the straits standing on the gas going into the corner than slamming on the brakes after my first 20 laps.

    The best is motocross. I started riding again this May after a 17 year layoff. I running easy hare scrambles for now. Hey man, they have Vet pro classes for 30 and 40 and over. So, all you old school racers, get a YZ 460 and thump with us..LACK
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