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  1. Are any of the fellow traders racing enthusiasts?

    wondering what and where u race/drive?

    There is a really cool go kart racing facility opening in Ft Lauderdale. they race european go karts going up to 45 mph

    It seems like other than Cal and FL its tough to find track time on consistent basis.
  2. I love Formula One, and I love CART, although it looks like CART is dead now, unless Tony George of the IRL actually wants to get involved in road and street course races . . . He might just purchase the remaining assets of CART away from the private bidding group, Open Wheel Racing, just so that he can permanently KILL the series. Read the latest AutoWeek for the full story.

    Been to Montreal for the F1 race 3 times.
    Loved every second of it!

  3. Did a bit of Drag Racing myself for a while in my 20's. Mostly bracket stuff 9.90 index for the 1/4 mile.

    Later, I got into motorcycle road racing. Did pretty well at it. Placed second in a national championship one year in the early 90's. Too many concussions finished that escapade. Tough going to a location, crashing, and coming home not remembering the weekend and if you even raced. Figured it was better to stop than forget everything one day. Amnesia and memory loss is really harsh.

    I enjoy most all motor sports, sans tractor pulling and monster truck stuff.


  4. Turok


    Racer and racing fanatic here.

    Superbikes and club auto racing (SCRAMP) in the eighties. (can second Crackeds feelings 'bout the bikes. As Kenny Roberts used to say, everytime you make a mistake you go down and every time you go down it hurts.

    Kart racing in the early nineties (now that is the most fun for the motor sports buck IMO)

    Been a hang glider pilot for a bazzillion years and got into racing those in the late nineties. Got two national championships and an FAI World Championship gold medal to show for that.

    On an employment level was part of the R/D team for the Nascar RaceFX system (telemetry, GPS locations etc) and got to drive the pace car around Datona a bunch (not during a race of course). Did get to ride in the pace car at Bristol live though. Drove a Ford Explorer repeatedly around the Bristol track (that is a thrill on those banks to say the least).

    Still work for that company -- Sportvision (the football yellow line people) and cover MLB with ESPN for them.

    Formula one and WRC is my favorite.

  5. WRC has got to be the most fun to watch on tv, in the real life not so much because u only get to see one turn, or if u lucky u might get a ticket to a superstage and get to see them head to head and thats not in all rallies.

    Cart just cancelled its street race in miami, that really sucks for me! unfortunately the only F1 race close is montreal which thank god is coming back this year. i am dreaming of seeing the monte carlo one day!
  6. anybody planning to see the wrc in mexico this year?
  7. Car enthusiast here. I like to watch road racing (ALMS,etc) and WRC. There are some pretty cool websites online that have video clips covering these races.

    Myself, I've done drag racing and auto-x in my 01' C5.

  8. I raced F1600 and F2000 cars 10-15 years ago.

    I love it, but it's just too expensive. I have switched to motorcycles that past five years and love it.
  9. Give yourself a treat.
    Fly up to Montreal and see the F1 race.

    Get tickets in Grandstand #25 just coming out of CASINO CORNER . . . You can stay in the Dorms at McGill University up on the hill with a spectacular view of the City for $25.00 a day.

    Don't forget to take in Chez Paris and its incredible ladies.
    The food is amazing as well!

  10. anyone ever attend the grand prix in monte carlo ?

    opinions please.


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