Car full of assholes gets more than they bargained for

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  1. National Mustard Day Aug 2, hope we see mister no like poupon with his glock there.

  2. Why do people always admit it? If this guy had just told police he had nothing to say, they would have had a hard time making a case. What prosecutor wants to take a case to trial on the testimony of idiots going around asking people if they had grey poupon?

    You are under no obligation to say anything to police. Lying to them can be charged as obstruction of justice though. Whatever they threaten you with, eg arrest, going to the station, worse charges, is nothing compared to pissing away all your bargaining leverage by admitting everything.
  3. Pulling a handgun out, racking the slide and pointing it at another human being for anything other than being in imminent danger yourself is IDIOTIC.

    This guy is a moron. He should spend at least 90 days in the hole for doing something so stupid that makes RESPONSIBLE FIREARMS' OWNERS look bad.

    He's exactly the kind of person anti-2nd Amendment Activists seize upon when pressing their case to disarm civilians.
  4. jem


    I have some empathy for that stunt...

    Back in the early eighties on the forth of july I just got back to connecticut to visit my family. My friend just bought a small boat and invited a bunch of people out to watch the fireworks on the L I sound.

    His best friend said look there Donald Trump's yacht.... lets do it.

    Sure enough Carl cruised over right near the yacht.. We were looking 30 feet up... at a large group of people having no idea what was going on... when rick said Pardon me do you have any grey poupon.... (at the time the commerical was frequently running)

    it made a lot of people laugh.
  5. Did Trump come out starboard side and point a double barreled shotgun at you and say "I got 'yer Grey Poupon RIGHT HERE!!!?"

  6. jem


    nope - we did not see trump at all.
  7. ROFLMAO!!
    That's what the idiot gets for watching too many Mike Myers movies...
  8. they are a-holes that deserve to look down the barrel of a semi-auto because they asked for a little mustard?

    remind me not to ask you to pass the ketchup.

    YOU are a scary guy 777
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    Wow. Around here you will go to jail for that. Looks to me like there was only one asshole.
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