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  1. As a die hard idea guy I love when a trend develops that has merit and investment riches can be made from it. Such a trend may be happening with cashless vending machines. Just point your mastercard and buy instantly. So far three major US bottling companies have converted to cashless and contactless vending in recent months. Something you may not have read in the business pages! > There is a nice play here USA Technologies who's shares leap on deal with Coca-Cola Bottling
    >> shares leapt 20% to $10.00 in Monday morning trade after the company announced that Coca-Cola Bottling Company United Inc. has begun equipping its vending machines with USA Technologies' e-Port G6 to accept MasterCard PayPass payments. The cashless vending machines will be deployed by Coca-Cola United in multiple markets, reaching consumers from Atlanta to Baton Rouge, La.

    USA Technologies is a leader in the networking of wireless non-cash transactions, associated financial/network services and energy management. USA Technologies provides networked credit card and other non-cash systems in the vending, commercial laundry, hospitality and digital imaging industries. USA Technologies is an IBM Business Partner. The Company has marketing agreements with Cingular Wireless, Honeywell, MEI, and ZiLOG Corporation.

    USAT has enjoyed a nice run, bumping up on each positive new announcement about various vending machine suppliers turning machines over to this technology. But look at that marketing agreement with Cingular-- think about that cell phones that you point and buy with. Ahem. Kids alert* Swiping speed flashing like a badge all = cool. the fact that mastercard is leading the roll out also says something about the security kinks being very well looked at. I have seen the future and it is upon us.

    Everyone- take a look at what USAT have done since their IPO in March> just read the news flow. It's staggering how well these guys have a plan. IPO, mastercard deal, COKE machine rollout, click click click. It's like this company was held back until they IPO'd-- all very interesting. This could be a major tech trend caught at the very beginning. USAT is worth a strong look as not only a stock but a Trend Starter. ~ stoney
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    Vending machines that accept credit cards? What will they think of next, vending machines that accept Paypal? I'm still waiting for vending machines that you can call from (and pay via) your cell phone. Hasn't Europe been using this technology for 10 years?
  3. The longer-term chart looks ugly going back to 1999. Is it the same company?
  4. Vending machines that accept credit cards? What will they think of next, vending machines that accept Paypal? I'm still waiting for vending machines that you can call from (and pay via) your cell phone. Hasn't Europe been using this technology for 10 years?

    Well I have only been to Europe once what a great place! But it's not that you use a credit card but that you " flash " your card and it is read from far away-- that's how I understand the USAT tech and I think that's the cool or " wow " factor which will set this trend off.

    As for the LT chart well I may have screwed up thinking this was a recent IPO apparently they have been around for a while and had a reverse split!

    USA Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: USAT), founded in 1992 and based in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The Company’s suite of networked devices and associated services enable the owners and operators of distributed assets (i.e. vending machines, personal computers, copiers, faxes, kiosks, and laundry equipment) the ability to remotely monitor, control, and report on the results of these distributed assets, as well as the ability to offer their customers alternative cashless payment options. The Company sells its products through direct sales,
    distributors, channel sales, and licensing. Management believes that customers are drawn (and will continue
    to be drawn) to the Company’s products due to the value its offerings provide, including:
    o Convenience factor;
    o Improvement in revenues;
    o Additionally data to manage business operations;
    o Theft reduction; and
    o Customer friendly.

    The Company has strategic relationships with companies such as Blackboard, Cingular Wireless, IBM Corporation, Honeywell, Mars Electronics, Inc., Pepsi, and ZiLOG. The Company’s customers consist of vending machine owners and/or operators, business center operators, commercial laundry operators, energy utility companies, schools, and operators of glass front coolers. Individual customers include Albertson’s, Best Western, Promus Hotel Corporation (Doubletree, Red Lion, Hampton, and Embassy Suites), Holiday Inn, Mastercard, Marriott Hotels, Sony Electronics, Canteen, Aramark, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo.

    On February 17, 2006, the Company conducted a 1 for 100 reverse stock split of its common stock. The split was approved by shareholders on February 7, 2006.

    The Company offers:
    o Intelligent Vending®, a vending solution that bundles its e-Port®, USALive®, and Web-
    based remote monitoring, management, reporting, and payment processing;

    o e-Port®, a contactless, cashless payment solution for vending in its sixth generation (G6).
    The e-Port also accepts other traditional payment methods;

    o USALive®, the network component that transmits payment and sales data and information.
    Also allows customers to view machine performance in real-time via the Internet;

    o e-SudsTM, An online, Web enabled laundry solution developed for the commercial laundry

    o Business Express®, a solution comprising the TransAct, a payment technology system
    developed for self-service business center devices, payment terminal, and a suite of office

    o KIOSK, a solution that utilizes e-Port and USALive to offer a cash-free payment option and
    Web-based remote monitoring and management for all types of kiosks; and

    o Energy control devices (including VendingMiser®, CoolerMiserTM, SnackMiserTM,
    PlugMiserTM), and its second generation devices (VM2IQ - VendingMiser and CM2IQ –
    CoolerMiser). These devices reduce the power consumption of equipment (i.e. refrigerated
    vending machines and glass front coolers) and reduce the overall stress loads, helping to lower maintenance costs.

    Folks: Management believes the Company could grow to a $100 million revenue company within 4 or 5 years... and so does Stoney! (that's up from $2mil!!)
  5. Here We Go Folks!

    > USAT +5.8% in pre market (MasterCard and USAT announce that six of America's most prominent vending co's are installing e-Port technology)

    Love Stoney!
  6. Oh baby blast off time! Who's in on USAT?

    > USAT explodes for $1.30!
  7. Setting a day target (today or tomorrow) of
    $12.50. ~ stoney.

    This thread is kind of tired- did no one listen DESPITE the fact I said this was life changing tech? How can that be. Where are my Stoned Investor's???????
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    ok, ok, you talked me into it! :p I'm in!

    I liked the press release - sounds like neat technology. I like who they are aligned with (IBM partner) and the vending companies that are buying their services, and did I read this right? Stevie Cohen is a big investor?

    I just wish they were showing a profit! :D
  9. Profit comes to those who wait. And will come faster for us than the company!!! ~ stoney
    Nice buy! :cool:
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    I did that in China last year (flashed my card) at a pop machine and I got charged for 250 "rarge orders" of Cantonese Fried Rice from some zipper a half block away.WTF?

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