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  1. Babak


    A good ol' fashioned caption contest to win a cool spankin' new t-shirt.


    Come up with a funnier caption for the above pic than I did and, drop it in a comment on the trading blog post and win this:



    Impress your friends. Amaze your enemies.

    (Make sure to leave your correct email so I can get in touch with you for mailing and size info.)
  2. You should try bowling.
  3. "I need to rub your head for luck again."
  4. "Pssst Phil, don't look now, but this is like the 5th time that new clerks been checking out my ass."
  5. "Seriously, if your right hand is hurting, use your left hand like I do."
  6. "I'm tellin ya - we could DP this one"
  7. "Maria's turning blue, get your hands off her head!"
  8. "Dude, you are doing it all wrong. You do it fast and then stop. And don't make eye contact!"
  9. "I'll take cash or the chick to satisfy the margin call."
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