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    <IMG SRC=>

    I'll start:

    "No I don't have any ID. I don't have any pockets to carry it in!"
  2. "We heard it'll make our horns grow bigger".
  3. fhl


    Come back later. We're not open yet, dear.
  4. "I thought you said we'd see some titties man"

  5. Liquor in the front and poker in the rear.
  6. We're looking for stocktrad3r, we heard he works here.

  7. Can we get 2 quarts for a pint.
  8. <img src=

    Hi, my name is stockturd and this is my girlfriend Z. Can we get Elvis to marry us here, or is that down the street?
  9. "You want $2.95 for Beer nuts???? That's outrageous. Why, deer nuts are under a buck!"
  10. You win hands down fly.:D
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